RivalScan Site Technology Scanner

Find out what Websites are Built With


RivalScan is a revolutionary tool scanning websites to figure out what they're built with. We utilize Advanced Machine Learning / AI for Technology detection (The first of its kind) which allows us to automate the addition of new technologies and has a better technology detection rate than competitors.


At launch in just a few weeks, we expect to have over 60,000,000 websites in our database, with over 250 MILLION websites waiting to be scanned in the weeks after. We'll also launch our platform with over 2,000 different technology fingerprints, that number is growing every day.


We create a diverse Technographic profile for each website we visit, collecting a vast amount of data that currently includes:


- Advanced Machine Learning Programming Detects over 2,000 web applications and growing

- Server Information (IP, Country, etc.)

- Alexa Domain Rank

- Record technology/Software first detected and last detected date

- Emails Addresses

- Record Name / Job Positions present on site

- Social Media Links present on site

- Record Company Name / Company Tagline / Address

- Tag Data/Codes (Such as Google Analytics Tracking Code)

- Record First Date Visited, Latest Date Visited

- Scan Subdomains and Group with Root Domain

- Website Keywords

- Website Category/Verticals

- and MUCH more!


This Technographic profile is also growing day by day as we build more tools in our framework to greater detect and clean the data we receive from website source code. Please stay tuned to learn more about our amazing feature-packed website and all it has to offer our clients.

For questions/inquiries please email us at: [email protected]

Warm Regards,

Reece A Line

RivalScan a project by LineLogic, Inc.