Benefits of SaaS Platforms

Benefits of SaaS Platforms

The SaaS software revolution has finally come of age. SaaS, or “software as a service,” is not a new concept. Even though the idea has been around for years, widespread developments in Web 2.0 technologies have finally given SaaS its wings.

What is SaaS? SaaS is the deployment of software that is hosted and managed at a data center operated by a software vendor. For example, instead of purchasing and installing project management software, you pay a monthly fee for the use of it. The applications can then be easily accessed on the Internet by team members and project managers.


There are SaaS equivalents for any project management program on the market. Online project management software like RivalScan offers the same features as traditional software programs, but with some added benefits.


SaaS Solutions Cost Less

Research shows the cost of SaaS solutions are typically four to five times lower than traditional project management programs. Since it requires no software, hardware or dedicated IT teams, deployment costs are substantially less. With traditional software solutions, the expenditures keep adding up. In addition to the initial software license purchase, hardware, support staff and software updates are only a few of the extra cost considerations.

With SaaS-based programs like RivalScan, your only cost is a low monthly subscription fee for a complete lead generation service. Compared to the cost of traditional software programs, a monthly fee is much easier to budget than a large expenditure.


Deployment is Fast and Easy

Once you have a SaaS subscription, your project management and task applications will be available to team members instantly. Physical program installations can take months to complete. A typical software implementation involves not only the installation of the software but also purchasing and installing servers and equipment.


Access Data From Any Location

SaaS applications can be accessed on any platform that links to the Internet. With a typical Internet connection, SaaS subscriptions allow users to access programs and data from anywhere. Team members at multiple office locations, at home or on the road can access and use the same documents, data and task tools.


The Software is Always Up-to-Date

With traditional licensed software, you have to wait for the next release to benefit from the latest technology. Because software is already up and running on the SaaS vendor’s data center, updates are automatic. As soon as a new feature or upgrade is applied to the application, your team can start using it. Traditional software requires expensive and time consuming updates to stay current.

Is SaaS right for your project management and business needs? It depends on where you plan to take your organization in the next few years. Are you comfortable with new technologies? Do you mind running your system remotely? SaaS may not be for everyone, but the growing trend toward virtual task solutions is causing businesses, both large and small, to take notice.

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