RivalScans Competitive Intelligence Tools

RivalScans Competitive Intelligence Tools

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScans offer an undeniable advantage to its users regarding marketing and sales. Let’s look at how this tool helps users gain the edge and take control of their target leads.


A short review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan, as the name suggests, is a tool that tells its users what kind of technology a website is using to build itself. Here are some of the most distinctive features of RivalScan:


Advanced Machine Learning

The only website profiling tool on the internet that uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for technology detection is RivalScan. Hence, their detection rate is comparatively much better than its competitors.


Advanced API

It uses an advanced application programming interface that allows the user to integrate with their own website or application without any hassle. RivalScan also partnered with Zapier to connect with over 2000 apps. Now, importing data between apps will be much easier.


Credit Based System method of pricing

RivalScan can keep their prices much lower than its competitors because they use a Credit Based System. The users will pay only for the data that they used or the information that they want, and nothing more than that.


Large database

The bigger the database, the more information the tool has, and the more accurate their conclusions based on the information will be. RivalScan has already scanned over 60 million websites in its Beta phase, and it plans to increase this number to a whopping 250 million within the first month of launch.


A short review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith has similar features with RivalScan and works almost the same way as its more affordable alternative. There is no point in beating around the bush. Hence, we can directly say that the most significant advantage that RivalScan has over BuiltWith is that the first option is much cheaper and affordable than the latter due to its Credit Based Pricing System.


Besides the pricing method, RivalScan is one step ahead in the technology detection game, thanks to the Advanced Machine Learning that they utilize. These two points are probably the only differences between the two that are worth mentioning. Regardless of these points, BuiltWith is an excellent tool with many features like:


  • Generation of leads by using its 38k technologies and 270 million websites
  • Analysis of the market using market share information
  • Keeps its users alert and notified about any new changes in the websites of interest
  • Integration with CRM using different types of marketing and sales software
  • Understanding the prospect’s requirements and improving conversions
  • Provides data that covers the entire market
  • Helps in informing users about the risks that their websites might face
  • Filtering information to suit the needs and requirements of its users


Gaining a competitive advantage in marketing and sales with RivalScan 

The success or failure of a website or business depends on how well they carry out the marketing and selling processes. Marketing includes advertising and anything related to how a person can expose their target audience to their product or service. The next process is selling, where this marketed product or service gets exchanged for consideration.


The question that arises is: how can a person gain a competitive advantage in marketing and sales using the information and data that RivalScan has provided? The technology detection method of RivalScan has one of the best detection rates in the market. With this accurate information, a person can figure out what their rivals are using and make a forecast.


This forecasting will be possible because once they learn about what technologies their competitors are using, they can study those who used the same technologies in the past and how they faired in the market. It is a significant element of a successful marketing strategy.


Learning about the pricing methods and features of the competitor’s product or service is another important point. It can give the user an idea regarding how they should price their products and services. And if they can price them lower than the rivals’ prices, it will skyrocket their sales.


There are over 60 million domains scanned by RivalScan already during its beta phase. Adding another 190 million to this number and making it a total of 250 million in the first month is the goal. It will not be difficult for RivalScan to provide its users with all the information they might need considering the vast amount of data it collects.


Using RivalScan data for specifically targeted LinkedIn ads

If anyone is wondering why LinkedIn ads that target specific companies is important, there is a straightforward answer. It gives a person more control over their targeted leads and improves accuracy by a considerable margin.


Here are some reasons why targeting a company based on what type of software they use is favorable:


  • Firstly, it helps in hooking the rival’s clients and making them switch to another product or service
  • Secondly, it allows a user to suggest or recommend their partnership’s solutions and services
  • Thirdly, it can increase a user’s blog engagement


Now that readers know why it is crucial, it is time to get into how it happens:


  1. Use RivalScan to find out what technology the user’s competitor uses
  2. Export the information gathered to LinkedIn’s Account Targeting
  3. Create different “matched audience” list for every competitor or a single list of their customers
  4. Lastly, the user can create a campaign with the new lists made in the previous step


The process of making target specific ads for better conversion and more effective reach starts with data collected and provided by RivalScan. Hence, it is in everyone’s interest to avail of this affordable website profiling’s services.


Final thoughts 

There are many things that a competitor website analytics service like RivalScan can do. From generating leads and targeting these leads to putting up company-specific ads on websites like LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless. Getting the upper hand in marketing and sales is one of the most beneficial advantages of using a website profiling tool like RivalScan.



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