Competitor Targeting with RivalScan

Competitor Targeting with RivalScan

In an increasingly competitive world, both in the digital and physical worlds, even surviving becomes a massive challenge. One thing that anyone or any website should do is stay on top of the game by knowing everything they can about their competitors or rivals. With the help of RivalScan, a website profiling tool that helps in prospecting sales, a person can have their rivals below them.


Now readers must be wondering, how can this tool carry out this function? How can RivalScan help in spotting a product competitor and get knowledge about their website technology for the users’ benefit? Continue reading to find out more.


A review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan is a type of software or tool that provides technographic information. It can help users to target their competitors or rivals using the information RivalScan offers for an affordable price. Let’s look at the different features of RivalScan and see how it differs from other similar tools available in the market for a much higher price:


The use of Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan utilizes Advanced Machine Learning to detect websites’ technologies, which is something that none of its competitors do. It is the only website profiling tool that makes use of AI for this reason and hence, has a better technology detection rate than its rivals.


In case the user learns about what software or technology their competitors are using, they can easily target the rival’s customers. If the person can successfully offer a better and improved version of the product or service at a lower price, they can be sure of prospecting sales and generating leads. This type of competitor targeting is healthy and creates a positive competitive environment where both businesses try to offer the best product to the customers.


Affordable pricing method

Many technographic information tools in the market fail to become successful or fail to get more customers because of their high prices. RivalScan has found a solution to this problem by adopting a pricing method called Credit Based pricing, where the users pay only for the data that they asked for in the first place.


Affordability becomes a significant selling point, and RivalScan wins in this category, all thanks to its low pricing. Since many people can afford this tool’s services, its rivals might have to go for a competitive pricing strategy or offer something that RivalScan does not. Either way, it will be a win for RivalScan.


Taking into consideration the low price of RivalScan, users will pay comparatively lesser than when they used other tools like BuiltWith. The total cost will reduce, and hence, this user can now reduce the price of their own service or product. Once the price of a service or product goes down, it is sure that more people will start paying for it. As such, lead generation and sales prospecting are possible.


Advanced overall integration

RivalScan has partnered up with Zapier to make the user’s job of integration much user. With Zapier, this website profiling tool now has a connection with over 2000 applications. A person can easily and quickly import the leads, data, and information from RivalScan to another application. In a nutshell, this partnership with Zapier has improved the integration function of RivalScan.


It does not end there. RivalScan also uses an advanced Application Programming Interface, which allows users to integrate with their own websites or applications effortlessly.


An ever-growing database

RivalScan has over 60 million websites in its database during the Beta phase. The aim is to increase this number to 250 million within the first month after its launch. This number’s significance is that even its biggest competitor, BuiltWith, has been in the market since 2017 and has only 178 million active sites. RivalScan is planning to exceed this number within the launch month itself.


As for the detected technologies, the number has crossed 2500. This number keeps increasing every day and shows no sign of slowing down. The goal here is to reach 20000 development technologies by the end of the first year.


A comprehensive data collection about competitors

This feature is perhaps the most important one for this article. In order to compete with rivals, it is best to prepare as much as possible and, in this case, get as much information about competitors as possible. There are many types of data that RivalScan collects from different websites, including their social media websites.


Social media accounts, emails, and addresses are beneficial to get an idea of what the competitor is about, where it thrives and where it can improve. A user can take notes and upgrade themselves to as a better and improved version of their competitors.


A review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith is another website profiling tool like RivalScan, with similar features and benefits. It is safe to say that RivalScan is an improved version of BuiltWith. RivalAScan observed the market and carefully jotted down what was missing from the existing technographic segmentation tools. Then it proceeded to implement all the missing bits into a handy and accurate application.


BuiltWith’s main benefits are sales intelligence, market share information, and lead generation. As one can see, RivalScan also offers all these advantages. The only difference between the two is that BuiltWith is much more expensive than RivalScan.


BuiltWith provides its users with keyword-based lists, competitor comparison tables, exportable metadata, website traffic rankings, historical reporting based on technologies that people used in the past as well as today. It also offers detailed website profiles and a full trends history chart that is easy to understand.


Final thoughts

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScan can help its users to get a better idea about their competitors and find ways to outperform them. It uses Advanced Machine Learning to stay at the top of the game of technology detection. The price of its services and the number of scanned websites give this tool’s competitors a run for their money.


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