Find websites using competitors’ products with RivalScan

Find websites using competitors' products with RivalScan

There are two ways of keeping competitors in check. The first one is by identifying a product competitor from a vast ocean of websites. Secondly, a person can learn about lead generation and prospecting sales from information that a tool like RivalScan provides. The second method creates a perfect balance between keeping competitors or rivals in check and also getting new customers who are willing to pay.


In this article, readers will find out how a website technology detecting tool like RivalScan has paved the way to getting the hang of lead generation and prospecting sales.


What is RivalScan?

RivalScan is a tool that provides technographic information. It gives its users every data or facts and figures they need regarding the website’s technological build. With this tool, a person can learn more about their customers and competitors.


It is useless for any website to provide content, products, or services that are of no use for its customers. Keeping this in mind, RivalSpace allows all users to choose what type of information or data they want and pay for just that. It is one of the most, if not the most affordable, website profiling tool in the market as of now.


How does RivalScan help in lead generation and sales prospecting

Lead generation is the process of grabbing the attention or interest of a consumer into the products or services that a business offers. In other words, it is the action of getting a consumer interested in what a person’s website does and engaging in conversation to learn more about the same.


Sales prospecting is the next step in the sales process, and it follows lead generation. In simple terms, one can define sales prospecting as searching for the most likely potential paying customers from the leads that the first step has generated.


RivalScan helps in both of these steps of the sales process with the help of its beneficial features. The features that allow in lead generation and sales prospecting are as follows:


The use of Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan is the only website profiling tool that uses artificial intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning to detect different competitors’ technologies and other websites. It is a much more effective technology detection method and surpasses all other ways that its rivals use.


This feature helps in generating leads and prospecting sales because the user learns about the different website technologies that might belong to competitors. As a result, a person can use this information to approach their rivals’ current customers and offer an improved and better version of what they are using right now.


As of now, RivalScan has detected over 2500 technologies, and this number keeps increasing exponentially every day. The more technologies the tool detects, the more potential sales prospects that a user has.


An extensive database with aims to reach higher

The beta version of RivalSpace already has over 60 million websites in its database. In the month of launching this tool, the developers are aiming to get over 250 million websites in total. Although this might sound farfetched, one can erase those doubts because there are already around 249 million that are waiting for RivalScan to scan them.


Now how will this help in generating leads and prospecting sales? First of all, the more websites or domains RivalScan scans, the more data a user will get regarding what type of technologies they use. It is almost impossible to get to a conclusion with just one or two pieces of information about the competitors. As such, this massive amount of data can help users learn more about their customers, prospects, and competitors.


Affordable pricing method

Many people know about the advantages of using a website profiling tool but settle to work without one because of their high prices. RivalScan has successfully gotten rid of this problem and has made technographic information affordable for all. They have achieved this feat by following a Credit Based System that lets the user pay only for the data they used and nothing more.


Most competitors of RivalScan do not offer this advantage. They remain unaffordable for the masses. As such, RivalScan has the potential to overtake all its competitors with this single feature.


Affordability can help the user in lead generation and sales prospecting because they will get all the services and information for a lower and affordable price. Access to information which can help a person detect and attain potential customers from competitors.


A detailed look at competitors

Getting information about a competitor’s website or technologies is a common feature. But the thing that sets RivalScan apart is that the user can customize their “order.” If there is a specific area where they want to check about a website, they can request such information. At the same time, this tool will keep a constant eye on the target website and alert the user if it notices any change in their technologies.


RivalScan will help users learn about their competitors and what is making them successful so that necessary changes can take place. Or they can compare those rivals who are not doing so well with the successful ones and see where they went wrong. By adopting the style and method that the successful ones are using, they can generate leads and prospect sales.


Application features

Some application features of RivalScan that are worth mentioning are as follows:


  • The ability to scan a website of your choice
  • Track the different technological trends
  • View market share of the current technologies which the tool ahs detected already
  • Create a custom list of websites to check or a specific area to check
  • Save one’s searches and reports


Final thoughts 

Use RivalScan to search a website for any information that will help in prospecting sales and generating leads. It is affordable, easy to use, accurate, and has an extensive database for the user’s benefit.


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