Are you looking for a Free Market Analysis?

Are you looking for a Free Market Analysis?

You’re probably reading this because you’re looking for a good place to find a free market analysis. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here at RivalScan we use advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to scan Millions of webpages for development technologies and their market share. While we do that, we also collect a lot of other valuable information pertaining to the companies using those technologies.


With our tools you’re able to easily perform market analysis for FREE in various ways. With our browse page you’ll find popular technologies in a categorized list. You can then perform basic reports on them by clicking the technology you’re interested in. If you’re looking for a more advanced website scanner you can head over to our search page. On this page you can input multiple technologies with advanced filters like:


“ALL of these technologies” – Websites must contain ALL development technologies listed.

“Any of these technologies” – Websites can contain ANY of the websites listed.

“Cannot Contain” – Websites excluding the technology listed.


We know that we may not have every single one of the 300 million websites available online today (although that is our goal) so we also included a Scan feature – where you’re able to provide your own website you’d like a detailed report on. We call this report a Technographic. In essence, technographics are incredibly detailed reports on websites, chalk full of valuable information not only pertaining to the technologies that they use. It will also include information like: What industry/sales vertical the website is in, Similar websites using the same Google Analytics accounts, Email Addresses, Addresses, Social Media Profiles, and many other characteristics or information we can find on that company.


We provide our valuable free market analysis for anyone; you don’t even have to sign up to view the basics. We strongly believe that everyone should have access to grow their business properly. We also have paid plans available for purchase if you’re looking for a large number of websites, or if you need specific detailed data that’s costs us a lot to procure.


If you’re particularly interested in specific development technologies you can head over to our monitor page. This page contains easy to understand graphs showing the popularity or “Market Share” of a specific technology. We get this information by tracking which websites add or remove a specific web application. We also record which websites add/remove this so you can easily target low hanging fruit that recently has removed a competing technology. We take it a step further on our Monitoring page. Here you can specify websites you’d like us to constantly scan and monitor. You’ll then get email alerts if we detect that a technology has been added/removed. We hope to improve this feature in the future, allowing us to detect more changes other than applications to provide better value for our customers.

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