How to detect CMS of website

How to detect CMS of website

Content Management System or CMS is a software that many websites use to create, alter, or modify their digital content. If a person has a tool that can detect CMS of website, they will have a massive amount of information about their competitors. RivalScan is one such tool that acts as a CMS checker to give users the upper hand in the market.


In this article, readers will learn about the importance of knowing what CMS their competitor websites use and how RivalScan accomplishes this feat.


How does RivalScan detect Content Management System (CMS)?

First of all, let’s learn what RivalScan is all about before getting into how it works as a CMS checker. It is a technographic tool that can identify technology on websites and detect the said websites’ CMS. With such information, a person can find out many things about their customers, prospects, and competitors.


Another term to be aware of is CMS. What is it exactly? Content Management System is, as the name suggests, a system that manages a website’s content. It allows users to create, change, publish, collaborate, report, and distribute content on their website.


Now, on to the question of the day: how does RivalScan detect CMS of different websites? This website profiling tool called RivalScan is the only one in the market that uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for detecting the technology of websites. In simple terms, this tool detects the technology of different websites, what they are built with, and gives users information about the same.


It uses this distinguishing benefit to collect information and learn from the millions of websites that it visits. As of now, it has detected over 2500 development technologies, and this number is growing every day. It offers full website stack information. The aim of RivalScan is to spot and recognize over 20,000 technologies in the year of its release.


Some of the types of information that RivalScan collects for part of CMS detection and related functions are as follows:


  • Detection of over 2000 web applications
  • Server information
  • Emails and social website links present on the site
  • Website keywords
  • Alexa domain rank
  • Record company name and address that the site presents
  • Record names and job positions present on the site, including the email if it is there
  • Record technology or software first and last detected
  • Website categories or vertical
  • Tag data or codes
  • Scrape subdomains and group with the root domain


There are many more data that RivalScan collects besides the ones mentioned on the list given above.


Why is detecting CMS so important?

This article has been talking about what CMS is and how RivalScan detects the CMS of other websites. But another question remains: why should a person want to know about the CMS of different websites in the first place? Here are some reasons why detecting CMS of websites will be in anyone’s favor:



In a world where digital marketing has seen constant growth, one can conclude that the content of a website and the digital marketing strategy go hand in hand. This part is where CMS enters and helps out in many ways. Getting to know the different market trends that competitors have gone through in the past years. Learning about the market share of rival websites is the first step towards a successful website.


Building a similar site as a successful competitor

If a competitor is performing very well in the market, learning about what CMS they use and how it works can be a great benefit. Knowing what is working for them and adopting a similar style or site will work in a person’s favor without fail.


Sales leads

Bringing in new customers and turning them into lifelong clients is one significant benefit that detecting CMS offers. Although not every website a person checks will have the potential to become a future client, it is still in everyone’s best interest to keep a lookout on new prospects.


Comparison of competitors’ CMS

With the information from detected CMS, a person can learn which one is doing better and make the most out of it. One can see which one will do better for their own website and what they might need to change to perform better.


What makes RivalScan different from other technographic tools?


Several features of RivalScan set it apart from competitors like,,, and Let’s take a look at some of them:


Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan is the only website profiling tool that uses AI or Advanced Machine Learning to detect rival websites’ technologies. This feature makes it much better than the competitors at detecting technology. It also automates new technology additions.


Affordable pricing

RivalScan uses Credit Based Pricing, making the user pay for only that data they used and nothing more. No one will have to pay extra for information they did not need or want in the first place.


Full information about competitors

A person can learn about what kind of technology a website is using to build itself. RivalScan takes this function seriously and continues to monitor a website and inform or alert the user if it notices any change in the technology used.


Advanced integration

RivalScan has partnered up with Zapier, meaning that now users can easily import the leads, data, or information across over 2000 applications and websites. The Application Programming Interface that RivalScan uses is as advanced as it can get, and thus, a person can easily integrate into their personal websites or applications.


Massive database

There are over 60 million websites under the watch of RivalScan in its beta version. In the first month of release, they are planning to increase this number to 250 million. Already, this tool has detected over 2500 technologies, and the number keeps rising every day.


Final thoughts 

Now that everyone here knows how important it is to detect a website’s CMS, it is time to put that knowledge to work. Get the best out of the money spent by choosing RivalSpace today.




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