How to Really Maximize Your B2B Email Lists

How to Really Maximize Your B2B Email Lists

There are many ways to advertise on the Internet these days and besides banner ads, the more common and preferred way is sending e-mails to prospective clients or customers. This e-mail listing is often bought from some information-gathering company which can be quite expensive for someone who is just starting in the on-line business world. Additionally, these lists may also contain some bogus names and addresses and you have to filter out these fictitious e-mail addresses from that list.
For the newbie businessman, having an e-mail list is only half the step towards making a sale. The other half is actually having the e-mail recipient open and read your e-mail messages. E-mails are so plentiful these days most people use spam filters that weed out irritating e-mails offering products and services from people and companies you hardly know about. This information overload causes not a few people to just delete e-mails without even bothering to open and read them at all. This action is a real loss to the e-mail marketer whose value proposition got deleted along with that e-mail.

Recent Internet surveys and studies indicate that most people hardly have the time to bother to read e-mails anymore. What most people who actually opened unsolicited e-mails do is scan them quickly which is different from actual reading. Scanning a web page or an e-mail takes just a few seconds but people who do that try to look out for certain keywords contained in the message. The trick in having e-mails being read is avoiding certain keywords that turn off most people.

There are two things that often prevent e-mails from being sent to their recipients. The first is a link on your e-mail that had been blacklisted before. Having this back link in your e-mail message will in all probability trigger the spam filter and block your e-mail from a recipient’s in-box. So deliver an e-mail message that is plain and simple but still catchy enough to warrant reading. Being blacklisted is a common occurrence because of the prevalence of spamming (especially spam links) that inundate the Internet and use up valuable bandwidth.

The second reason your e-mail might get blocked is because of certain keywords which you thought to be innocent but attention getting included in your e-mail. Words such as guaranteed, all free, absolutely no risk, make money, get a free sample and money machine have been programmed into the spam filters and this will trip up your incoming e-mail. So try to avoid using these words without losing the important message in your ad content. Try to use alternative words and phrases that say the same things and your e-mail will most likely get through these filters.

E-mail marketing is a fairly lucrative endeavor if you only know how to harness the power of the Internet. Digital media can reach far greater numbers of prospects than ever before but it takes real expertise to be able to do that. Part of the effort is to make people read your e-mails and one sure way to do that is using a captivating attention-getting title in your e-mails.

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