RivalScan a BuiltWith Alternative

RivalScan a BuiltWith Alternative

The use of technographic segmentation has become of the most effective ways to know one’s customers better. Having said this fact, people can now find data regarding what software their customers use with the help of RivalScan, the affordable BuiltWith alternative. In this article, readers will find out what sets RivalScan apart from other similar software.

What are the features of RivalScan? Is RivalScan worthy of claiming the title of best BuiltWith alternative? What type of pricing method does RivalScan use? Can a person fully trust this website? Continue reading to get all these questions answered in detail.

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What is RivalScan?

Let’s learn more about RivalScan and understand what it is all about before going into its distinguishing features. In simple words, RivalScan is a tool that shows the user the build of a website to know who their rivals are and what to expect.

Any company, website, or organization should have as much information about their customers and clients as possible to not lag behind their competitors. The user of RivalScan can choose what type of information they want in a user-friendly and cost-effective way.

What makes RivalScan different?

For this portion of the article, one must learn about the features of RivalScan first. There are some competitors of this software like builtwith.com, but RivalScan has the potential to surpass it without any problem.

Here are the features of RivalScan that will help this software gain and maintain the upper hand in this competitive world:

Advanced Machine Learning

Perhaps the most significant advantage that RivalScan has over BuiltWith and other similar tools is that it uses AI for Technology detection. The Advanced Machine Learning that RivalScan uses are the first of its kind. Adding new technologies is entirely automatic.

With this feature, users can detect technology much faster than any of their competitors. There are over 2000 detected technologies, and a person can browse through the list to see which trends are popular at the moment.

Affordable pricing

The price of Builtwith is what makes people turn the other way. The people at RivalScan know how vital it is to afford the service and, hence, priced themselves at a reasonable limit.

RivalScan uses a Credit Based System to pay for just the data they use and nothing more. Competitors charge around $995 for an unlimited plan, including a Team System. On the other hand, RivaScan offers the same Team System benefits for free.

The reason why this tool has lower prices as compared to their competitors is that their Credit Based System allows for it. $495 for an unlimited plan sounds unaffordable. As such, you can go for RivalScan for a much lower price.

Advanced integration

A person’s information from a tool like RivalScan might not be useful if they cannot import such data to other applications. It uses an advanced API system that allows users to integrate into their websites and applications effortlessly.

Knowing how important it is for people to shift between apps for a more detailed study, RivalScan has an advanced integration with Zapier to connect the software with over 2,000 applications. This statement means that the user can quickly and easily import their information from one app to another.

Extensive database

RivalScan has over 60 million websites and domains in their lookout. For comparison, we can take BuiltWith as an example. This competitor has been in the market since 2017 but has only 178 million domains in its database. Even the beta phase of RivalScan is almost halfway there, and they are planning to add up to 250 million more websites in the month of launch itself.

Information on competitors

There is a saying that goes, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” RivalScan nails this by getting all the necessary information on websites using a competitor’s technologies and services. If there is any switch or change, RivalScan will keep an eye on it and alert its users about it. There are already over 2,500 technologies detected, and this number keeps growing every day.

Dependable support

There are three ways in which a person can get help from RivalScan. If anyone has a problem or doubt, they can contact this software through live chat, ticket support, or email. They will try their best to help anyone and provide support to all who need it.

Type of data collected

There are many types of data or information that RivalScan collects from different websites and domains. Some of the important ones are information about the server, website keywords, emails present on the website, Alexa Domain Rank, social media links, tag data or codes, and the like.

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A quick review of Builtwith

BuiltWith is one of the main competitors of RivalScan. This lead generation software has the first-mover advantage because they have been in the game since 2017. There are many features that Builtwith offers, including but not limited to advanced lookup, usage alerts, keyword reports, business location data, competitor intelligence, and even one free t-shirt.

All these seem perfect, but the problem or drawback that Builtwith has is a high price and limited information customization. It is here that RivalScan takes the cake and beat their biggest competitor. RivalScan follows a Credit Based Pricing so that their users pay only for what they want or ask. As a result, the prices remain much lower than any of their other competitors.

BuiltWith does not have some vital necessary integration features that every cloud-based software needs. On the other hand, RivalScan has one of the best integration systems that allows users to import information from one app to another or even their website, thanks to the advanced API.

Final thoughts

If anyone is looking for a more affordable and integrated BuiltWith alternative, RivalSpace is the answer. Don’t miss out on this tool that gives all the information that a person might need on their competitors and rivals. Stay on top with the software that carefully combined all the best features of their competitors into one package.

Disclaimer: RivalScan is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with BuiltWith™, Wappalyzer or any other brand. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Limitation of warranties: The information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. RivalScan (a.k.a. LineLogic, Inc.) makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information above.

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