RivalScan a Wappalyzer alternative 

RivalScan a Wappalyzer alternative 

Knowing what a website’s building blocks are will help a person learn many details of the said website. These types of information make it easier to create an accurate technographic profile. RivalScan, the most dependable Wappalyzer alternative, provides users with everything they need to know regarding how their competitors or rivals build their websites.


Continue reading to find out more about this incredible tool’s features that can surpass all other competitors in the field.

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What is RivalScan?

RivalScan is an intelligence tool.It gives users all the technographic information they need to find out what other people use to build their websites. With this service, a person can find out more about customers, prospects, and competitors based on the type of technology that they use.


It is not easy to collect such significant information and data with a single click, but RivalScan makes it all possible. There are several similar competitors of RivalScan. However, this particular website profiler surpasses all the rivals because it has included only the others’best features. And it has also solved the problems that competitors like Wappalyzer face.


The distinguishing features that set RivalScan apart

Competitors like wappalyzer.com, BuiltWith.com, larger.io, and nerdydata.com have similar features as RivalScan. And that is because RivalScan picked the best parts of all these rivals and put them into one package. One can say that RivalSpace is the new and improved version of all of the sites mentioned earlier.


Let’s dive into the different features that make RivalScan different from its competitors:


Advanced Machine Learning

No competitor in the market uses machine learning for their operations. RivalScan utilizes one of the most advanced Machine Learning for technology detection. As a result, its rate of technology detection is much higher than the other similar tools.


Using AI for technology detection means RivalScan can automate all the newly added technologies. This feature is the one that makes RivalScan stand out.It helps in locking the potential to beat any tool that generates technographics even if they have been in the market for much longer.


Excellent integration

Getting the technographic information is easy, thanks to RivalScan. However, studying those data and coming up with conclusions and solutions require a person to switch between apps. RivalScan’ssystem is highly integrative, meaning a person can quickly import the data and information from one application to another. There are over 2000 applications connected to RivalScan through its partnership with Zapier.


The advanced Application Programming Interface that RivalScan uses allows the user to integrate whatever computer intelligence they have received into their websites or applications. This tool makes management and dealing with Big Data as easy as possible.


Credit Based Pricing

One thing that brings in a massive number of users is because of the reasonable pricing of RivalScan. Most of the competitors find it challenging to beat or go against RivalScan on this front. The reason why RivalScan is so affordable is that it follows a Credit Based Pricing. This statement means that the user pays only for the data that they have used thus far.


Other competitors price their unlimited plans and Team System separately or both for a high price. On the other hand, RivalScan offers a Team System for free. Considering an average competitor price of $995 for both the unlimited plan and team system, giving the latter for free reduces the cost by a massive amount.


Substantial database

RivalScan plans to get information and data from over 250 million websites in the month they launch. For perspective, let’s take the example of a competitor, BuiltWith, which has been in the game for over three years but has only 178 million active sites as of now. As everyone can see, RivalScan has set an enormous goal of beating one of its largest competitors in its launch month itself.


The beta version of this tool has over 60 million websites under its monitoring already. The more information it can get from different websites, the more comprehensive its conclusions and interpretations will be.


Competitor monitoring

RivalScan gives the user the information regarding what competitors use to build their websites and keeps a constant eye on them. If they detect any change in the technology used, they can quickly notice the differences and alert them about it. As of now, there are over 2500 technologies seen under RivalScan. And this number keeps increasing day by day.


What types of data does RivalScan collect?

The collection of data from multiple websites is necessary to get the exact information they want and need. Here are some of the data that they collect:


  • Server information like the IP address, country, and the like
  • Alexa Domain Rank
  • Website keywords
  • Any social media link or email that the website offers
  • Tag data or codes like Google Analytics Code
  • Record technology like the date of technology first and last recorded
  • Record names and job positions that are present on the site


This list does not end here. There are many more types of data that they collect.

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A quick review of Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer entered the market and has made a very comfortable spot as one of the longest-lasting technographic providing sites. It gives very accurate data and has an extension that works on Chrome. A person can get a list of the technologies that websites use, and like RivalScan, people can also get an alert when the technology stack changes.


Now the drawback of Wappalyzer is that it does not work when it comes to unpopular websites. This statement means that people might not get information on a website they want if it is not one of the more popular ones. On the other hand, RivalScan already has 60 million website information and aims to get 250 million in the first month.


Final thoughts 

RivalScan is an excellent technographics tool with a dependable support system and affordable pricing. It combines integration, monitoring, accuracy, user-friendliness, and the use of Advanced Machine Learning to give people the best information possible.


Disclaimer: RivalScan is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with BuiltWith™, Wappalyzer or any other brand. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Limitation of warranties: The information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. RivalScan (a.k.a. LineLogic, Inc.) makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information above.

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