Scanning Website Source Code

Scanning Website Source Code

Here at Rival Scan, we collect information on millions of websites each day by scanning website source code. We pride ourselves in both the amount and the accuracy of our data for our valued customers.


Our advanced Machine Learning and AI integrated algorithms parse data with speed and efficiency, without leaving out any valuable website source code. We craft a custom technology profile also called a technographic for each website our machines visit. Our advanced technographics are constantly getting better and collecting more data but currently include the following information:


  • Over 2,000 Website Technologies Detected
  • Technology First Detected Date, and Last Detected Date
  • Server Information (IP Address, Country, etc.)
  • Alexa Domain Rank
  • Emails Addresses
  • Name / Job Positions (with email if present)
  • Social Media Links
  • Company Name
  • Company Tagline
  • Company Address
  • Tag Data/Codes (Such as Google Analytics Tracking Code)
  • First Date Visited, Latest Date Visited
  • Subdomains
  • Website Keywords
  • Website Category/Verticals
  • and MUCH more!


As you can see, we collect pretty much everything we can from website source code ranging from what it’s built with, to contact and lead information to built our technographics. We’re absolutely fascinated with what runs the internet and desperately wanted to share this valuable data with our customers.


This project actually stemmed from personal needs. I own various startup websites ranging from Website Heat mapping and Analytics to Website Development and SEO and was spending hours scouring the web for leads. I thought there HAD to be a better way to collect this information, and thus the foundation and the infrastructure of Rival Scan was born! It started (relatively) small only detecting a few site technology and would only check website frameworks for software I was competing with, or developed in.

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