Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Small-Business Marketing

Small-business owners are perpetually faced with a daunting challenge: getting the most from the least. Facing a lack of personnel, money, or time, small businesses are always looking for cost-effective ways of spreading the word about their goods or services.
Here are five quick-hit, low-cost ideas to get the word out about your business:

• E-mail marketing. On the surface, it seems like this is beyond the capability of most small-business owners, but a little bit of research will show otherwise. E-mail marketing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact offer free accounts that help you reach your customer base with news, special offers, or reminders. The services are free, and offer a great deal of help getting started.

• Hit the streets. Sometimes the best marketing involves taking your message directly to the audience in a way they don’t expect. One example is in Texas, at an Austin barbershop located in a strip mall at a busy intersection. Normally, they get lost in the background of other businesses in the strip mall. So they decided to print special cards (which is easy to do using Microsoft Word and a computer printer) good for 20% off on Tuesdays, which is their slowest day of the week. During rush hour, the stylists took their message to the streets. With one standing on each street corner, they handed the cards out to motorists who were stopped at the light.

• Take advantage of texting. Imagine being able to send a text message to one of your best customers, either reminding them about your service or giving them a special offer. Now imagine being able to text all of your customers at the same time. Do an online search for companies who specialize in text-message marketing, rather than e-mails, to everyone in your customer database. One novel approach is to send a coupon via text; all the customer has to do is show the text message to gain the discount.

• Forge partnerships. Find local businesses or organizations whose goals are a good match to your own. For example, a hair salon could partner with a local women’s shelter to help residents there with free haircuts. Eventually, the residents will be back on their feet and out in the world, and they’ll remember who gave them a hand along the way. And remember: Word of mouth is the best advertising.

• Guerrilla marketing. Small companies can make a maximum impact with minimum resources by staging special events, or spur-of-the-moment marketing opportunities. One example comes from a hair salon in Minneapolis that offered a discount in the early days of the recession for anyone who had lost money in their 401(k) retirement accounts. All they had to do was document the loss, and the salon provided a one-time percentage discount equal to the amount the 401(k) had lost. The event gained so much attention, it became an item on the CBS Evening News.

Remember: Sometimes, the biggest constraint for small business marketing isn’t necessarily a lack of money. It’s a lack of imagination.


Purchase B2B Email Lists

Purchase B2B email list

Using email as a tool for your B2B business is an excellent way to maximize your growth. Most business companies deal with their customers or business partners through emails. And it is a great way to connect with clients because of its auto-generated messaging feature. So essentially, a B2B email list is a set of database which handles all the address of your B2B client or leads. It is a catalog of all the important leads along with other important details like name, contact details, business details, market shares, etc.

So why is it essential to have a B2B email list for your company? Using email is a great marketing tool, and the email database is useful in increasing your company or brand. And you can deal directly with all your leads, which helps you improve your campaigns on direct marketing. With the help of an email list, you can generate leads based on the database and maximize your business connections.

Benefits of B2B email list

Using an email list helps your business in many ways. First and foremost, it enables you to connect directly with some of the best B2B business companies and get in touch with top decision-makers in the field. And this is a crucial aspect because you gain knowledge from experienced people. It also helps time if you make use of platforms or companies that offer services for lead generation. They do all the work like searching and scanning sites and getting you the potential leads. And once you sort them out and make a list, things become more comfortable for you.

RivalScan for B2B email list

Lead generation is at the heart of B2B growth in online business and network marketing. And RivalScan is a great platform you can use to purchase your email list because it has some of the best results. Typically, an email list is a set of information gathered from different sources. And this information is about the type of leads or customers you are looking for. So having a list of the details of your potential customers makes things easier for you.

RivalScan is one of the best lead generation companies you can find. It has an extensive list of B2B details gathered from millions of websites at your disposal. And it collects all the information by using some of the most advanced tools in the digital network and marketing scene. These features are;

AI Technology

RivalScan is the only company that uses AI-powered technology that scans millions of websites and social media platforms. And it is an automated system, so it works 24/7 and collects some of the best leads. It scans through all the relevant details like the type of company, the shares in the market, social media following, names of potential customers, address details, likes and dislikes, etc.

Manage leads

The AI technology manages all the leads and compiles them for you. It has the capability to gather information from millions of websites and close to 2000 applications. Once you finish the scan, all you have to do is pick the email list that suits your needs. And RivalScan also offers them at very reasonable prices compared to other companies.

Huge database and cloud hosting

RivalScan has one of the biggest databases collected from over 60 million websites. And it has advanced integration with Zapier for connecting with 2000 applications. And it also enables you to import details of the leads to other applications. And all the data collected consists of things like email details, the IP address and server information, social media links, the job description and rank, website keywords, etc.

It also has excellent cloud hosting that takes care of all the data. And you can tap in easily whenever you want to extract information from the site. So this enables you to browse the type of email list you want to make by looking at all the potential leads generated by the AI. So it is an excellent tool for B2B email listing.

Data is an essential aspect of any online business or networking because it drives a company. It tells you how the market moves and technological trends as well as consumer behavior.

Affordable pricing

One of the best features of RivalScan is affordable pricing. You can pay for some of the advanced tools to derive your B2B email list through a credit-based system. For any lead generation, most companies charged high sums for the data you require. And this is a problem for smaller B2B companies. So understanding the need for budget constraints and value for money, RivalScan offers the best pricing.

How RivalScan helps you find a B2B email list to purchase

The easy to use and AI-powered technology of RivalScan ensures that it gathers some of the most relevant leads and provides you an email list. It does this by using advanced search filters, which also detects current technologies and categories along with their market shares. And it monitors all the important websites and saves them for your reference so that it helps in prospecting sales.

RivalScan simplifies purchasing a B2B email list. And it has some of the most reliable leads because the AI can filter out the best options for you in no time. RivalScan also provides accurate data to ensure that you only get the best leads because it is vital for any B2B to have successful growth. And it makes sure that you get connected with your targeted market and the right people. RivalScan understands the importance of finding the right people or leads, so it offers a wide range of tools that you can use to connect with people from all over the world seamlessly.

So choose RivalScan to enhance prospecting sales and purchase your B2B email list for growing your brand and business.

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RivalScan Sales Prospecting Tools

RivalScan sales prospecting tools

If you are looking for the best sales prospecting tools, RivalScan is one of the best in business. The success of your B2B business and growth depends on how effectively you make your sales. And in the competitive market of online business, it is a challenging task to generate a considerable amount of leads. You can find a lot of companies that offer their services with features and tools for sales prospecting. However, RivalScan offers you some of the best tools that can redefine your sales prospecting.

For any B2B business company, there are three steps to achieving growth targets. The first is finding leads, which are potential buyers who then qualify into a prospect. And once you reach this stage, you start your sales. So it would be best if you had all the right tools and the platform that can fulfill every requirement in the different stages.

Therefore, RivalScan (lead generation company) is the best platform for you. And it offers you a wide range of tools that will help you achieve your sales prospecting targets efficiently. What tools does it provide? Here are some of them.

AI technology

Maximize your sales prospecting by using the AI-powered technology system of RivalScan. It is also one of the first lead generation companies to integrate and AI technology. All the system is controlled and run by it because it is automated, and it works 24/7 to find the best leads for sales prospecting. So all your requirements for finding customers for sale are outsourced by the AI, and it does the job for you faster than any other company. It also uses advanced machine learning technology.

Huge database

RivalScan has one of the biggest databases with over 60000000 domains. So it ensures that you find some of the best leads for your sales. Everything is dependent on data in the modern age of networking and online business models. Therefore, having a huge database is crucial. And RivalScan provides you with this feature. It is a great tool to maximize your sales prospecting.

RivalScan also gives you the freedom to manage and customize your searches. So this is another excellent tool you can use. Because scanning through an enormous database is a challenging task, it also lets the AI handle all the scans for you. And not only does it give you the best prospecting sales, but it also updates you on the current trends and shifts. So you stay one step ahead of the game all the time because you can monitor your searches based on current trends.

Scan websites

With a robust database and cloud hosting service, RivalScan allows you to quickly scan through millions of websites and extract all the information you need. So this gives you a broader perspective on how to manage your sales and make the right decisions. It also provides you with advanced filters that you can use for the searches. And with the option of customized scans, the AI does all the work for you. Therefore, it is an excellent tool for sales prospecting.

Monitor changes

RivalScan offers a great feature that monitors all the technological changes. It keeps you updated on the type of technologies in use and the redundant ones. And this is an essential tool because you make your sales based on the current technological changes.

Lead generation

Sales prospecting requires lead generation because that is how you find your buyers. And when it comes to lead generation, RivalScan is one of the best in business. The high powered AI technology ensures that you get some of the best leads for your sales. It scans millions of websites to find potential buyers based on your preferences.

These are some excellent sales prospecting tools offered by RivalScan. So finding leads for sales prospecting has never been this easy. Most companies do not fulfill all your requirements. And one of the most significant factors in finding leads for sales prospecting is the amount of money you spent on it. Most companies charge you high sums of money, which becomes a problem for small B2B business companies. However, you will not find an affordable pricing system like RivalScan. It offers low prices, and you pay only if you use some of the features and tools it provides. And it also gives you a one-of-a-kind credit-based system.

Why use sales prospecting?

Sales prospecting is a very challenging task and is a core component of B2B business companies. But why do you need sales prospecting? It helps you generate your potential customers and create a pipeline to channel all your sales. And it is crucial to do your prospecting right; otherwise, it will diminish your growth. So understanding the fundamentals of how sales prospecting works best is a vital element of all B2B business companies.

When you start sales prospecting, it is crucial that you create an effective strategy like how to choose the right platform, how much to spend, which companies or websites you should target, etc. Once you narrow that down, the next step is to reach out to them. You can do this by making the right contacts, sending out emails and voice mails, etc. And this is where RivalScan comes in as a great platform that can fulfill all your needs. You can use its tools to do all your sales prospecting by saving both your time and money. It is fast, reliable, efficient, and produces excellent results.

So take the first step by choosing RivalScan. It will guide you through all your preferences like the sites you want to target, the type of customers you want to deal with, the number of channels or pipelines you want to use, etc. With advanced AI and machine learning technology, it will provide you with relevant data from different sources worldwide. It is a one-stop solution to all your sales prospecting problems.






Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Best sales prospecting tools

In the age of digital marketing and online B2B business, sales prospecting means finding leads or customers for your business through different methods and platforms. They include things like making calls, sending out emails, SMS, or through social media platforms or websites, etc. So it is a way of finding new customers and nurturing current ones, and growing your online business.

However, before you start using any sales prospecting tools, the first thing you should do is to make a prospect list. It is crucial because it will guide you on which prospecting tools to try and which companies you should give top priority to. Otherwise, you spend a lot of time trying to figure out which companies to approach first, and you get lost. So it saves you valuable time.

Once you have done that, you can use some of these best sales prospecting tools.


LinkedIn is a great place to start. You can narrow down all your requirements using Linkedin’s premium feature and filter out things like the job description, location, etc. So it enables you to pick only those that meet your requirements.


SellHack is another excellent tool for sales prospecting. And the best thing about it is, it deals with only the relevant business people and salespeople. So it means that you don’t waste your time on other non-selling activities. It is a straightforward tool.


CrunchBase is another excellent option. It is one of the most used tools by companies looking for sales prospecting. You can check things like the lifecycle of other companies, target your ideal customers and contacts, etc. You also get the option of using different filters for all your searches.


Mention is another fantastic sales prospecting tool that helps you by making connections with other people. So it enables you to find potential buyers.


If you have a sales team, this tool is perfect for you. You can use the tool to search any platform or website and check how companies are ranked based on their domain and their social media following. It helps you filter out and narrow down the buyers.


Clutch is a tool that you can use to find all the digital agencies in the world. So you can browse through these agencies to find the one that suits your needs best. You can also find the different areas of expertise from these agencies and check their ratings and reviews so that you make the right decisions for your sales prospecting.


For all types of sales prospecting, UpLead is a great platform. It deals with all kinds of B2B sales, so finding people and connecting with them is easy. And you can do your searches based on things like the location, number of employees, industry, technologies, etc.

All these are some of the sales prospecting tools you can use to maximize your business growth. However, not many companies offer the best tools like RivalScan. Compared to a lot of them, it stands out as one of the best options if you want to optimize your sales prospecting to the fullest.

RivalScan finds the best buyers for you from millions of sites. And this is possible because it uses AI technology, which is at the core of technological advancement. The search tool on the platform is a great way to optimize your sales prospecting. It lets you find the perfect domains and sites suited to your needs.

The best thing about the search tool is that it allows you to make your customization like adding filters, specific keywords, etc. So it narrows down the search items suited to your needs, and the AI runs all the necessary scans. It looks at things like the size of the company, the shares of the company, the social media following, the growth trends, the amount of traffic on the site, other details of the site, etc. The AI then presents you with some of the top reliable customers which you can choose from.

One of the things associated with sales prospecting is the advertisement part of it. And it is a crucial aspect of any sales you want to make. Without some degree of advertisement, you cannot expect your company to grow. And for any kind of growth, you need to make sales. And all these can cost you a lot of money. However, RivalScan offers you a credit-based system for payments. And this is an excellent tool for sales prospecting because you can achieve the targeted reach without having to spend a lot of money. The affordable pricing makes it one of the cheapest yet most effective sales prospecting tools you can find.

Cloud hosting and database are the driving force of all sales prospecting. Every detail about potential buyers and sellers come from data obtained from different sources. And RivalScan has an enormous database with over 60 million websites and 2000 various applications. So making use of the cloud hosting tool, you get some of the best potential buyers for all your sales prospecting. It helps you channel your campaigns or ads about what you are looking to sell to the right sources effectively. So the search tool combined with the cloud hosting site is a great feature you can use on RivalScan. And the results are excellent.

All these quality tools and features that RivalScan offers ensure that you find the right leads. Because finding the right lead is the key to a successful business. Without these tools, you will waste a lot of precious time that you can invest elsewhere more productive. And with the low pricing of RivalScan coupled with the high tech AI system and database, you can boost your sales prospecting and yield better results.


Expert Leads for Sale

RivalScan Leads for Sale

RivalScan is one of the best lead generation companies in the world. The system has a powerful AI which functions automatically. And with a vast database collected from over 60 million sites, you get some of the best leads. You also get the best value for your money invested, which is also priced low compared to many other lead generation companies.

So how does RivalScan help your lead for sale sale? Here is how.

Organize your leads

RivalScan organizes all your leads in a systematic manner. Once you decide on the product that you want to put for an offer, it will guide you through all the available options and provide you with a selection of some of the best channels. And not only that, RivalScan takes all your leads for sale and organizes them based on your preferences and the type of buyers you are looking for. So it saves your time from scouting countless sites and platforms.

Identify customers

The first step for selling your leads is finding the right buyers. And this is a challenging task. Without a robust system and plan, you will spend a lot of time and effort when you scout for buyers. And with millions of websites to browse and look at, finding the right buyer is never easy.

Therefore, RivalScan helps you find and identify potential customers through AI technology. It has a vast database with robust cloud hosting. So all you have to do is punch in the keywords, customize your searches, and leave it to the AI to do all the scouting. The database also keeps updating on a daily basis, so it finds some of the best buyers for you. The system scans through all the websites and social media platforms. And it examines details like their interests, the size of the company, the value of the share, etc.

Advertise your leads

For any business promotion or sales, advertising is a vital component because that is how you let others know about what you are offering to sell. And these are done by running campaigns on all the available websites and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and the chances of getting buyers depend a lot on the online traffic and user base.

RivalScan has a vast network. And this enables it to maximize your sales by making use of all the available sites and platforms. And they do this by taking all the relevant information about your leads like names, emails, location, the product or company type, etc. So every critical information is taken into account, and it makes sure that all the leads you want to sell are top-notch. They are presented by running campaigns and help you get noticed.

Generate your leads

RivalScan helps you by generating all the leads for you. So if you use the platform, every lead that you want to put up for sale is taken care of by the AI-powered technology and scans all the potential buyers from the internet. And the potential buyers are reviewed from all over the world through millions of websites. So you get your buyers in no time. RivalScan, therefore, works both ways. It finds the leads for you, but at the same time, if you want to sell your leads (or company), it finds the buyers.

Creates a network of buyers

RivalScan helps you by creating a network of all the potential buyers once it completes the scan. So it makes it easier for you to decide on the buyer that you want to sell to because you get a lot of options. The system takes all the valuable information from the websites and compiles them before presenting it to you.

What RivalScan does for Leads Sales

Apart from all the features discussed above, RivalScan is a cut above the rest. Because it also keeps track of the market shares of different technologies. And all these are managed by systematically putting them into different categories so that it is easily accessible by you. So you can look at all the insights and information on various industry leaders and competitors. By using RivalScan, you can monitor all the market shares. You can also look at the data it provides so that you can access specific companies.

The custom scanning solution is a great feature. You have the ability to create your scans and get some of the best results. The advanced features offered by RivalScan, like previously collected data and fingerprint for your technology, make it the most efficient way to calculate all your market shares.

Make the right choice and use RivalScan.

Marketing keeps growing rapidly, and it keeps getting more difficult each passing day. The competition is very tough, so you are left in the dark if you are not smart and resourceful. It would help if you had all the right tools, the right strategy, and the proper channels in order for your business to grow effectively. RivalScan understands the importance of all these factors and provides you with the best solutions. And no other company offers an AI-based technology. AI technology is at the forefront of technological advancement; having a fast and robust system ensures that you get only the best results.

Every small B2B company has financial constraints, and this is a big stumbling block for growth. And most other companies have high pricing for finding the leads as well as getting you buyers. No other company offers a reasonable price like RivalScan. So you pay only for the features that you choose to use. And all this is done by giving you a credit-based system, another feature not offered by other companies.

Therefore, maximize your lead sales by using the unique features offered by RivalScan. It will save you time, effort, and money for the best value in return.



Top Lead Generation Companies

Top lead generation companies

If you are looking for the top lead generation company, RivalScan is the best option. Many other lead generation companies, such as builtwith.com, larger.io, wappalyzer.com, etc., offer their services for lead generation, and most do not provide enough features. And one of the reasons is that they do not fully understand what you require. However, RivalScan understands the need of every individual looking to push their B2B business to the next level.

Why choose RivalScan?

Top lead generation companies offer the best features and ensure that you get the maximum out of it. And RivalScan fulfills all your needs by providing you with some excellent features. It uses AI technology, which no other company uses. It is a one-of-a-kind system that is automated and works faster to deliver the leads you want in no time. Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of technological advancement and is a core component of the internet. RivalScan understands its importance and how it can help you build and find robust leads.

Most lead generation companies are expensive. And lead generation becomes a costly affair, and this mostly affects the smaller B2B business. But RivalScan understands your budget constraints and provides you with a credit-based payment system with lower pricing than most other companies, which helps you save money. And not only do you pay less, but you also get the maximum value for what you pay. So you get premium features at a reasonable price.

RivalScan has a vast database collected from millions of sites. These databases are updated daily by AI technology, so only the best leads are generated for you. And with an efficient cloud hosting system, you get maximum options for lead generation. It also has a full Website stack information that includes detecting over 2500 technologies and consistent growth.

Most other lead generation companies do not have efficient cloud hosting and database.

With RivalScan, you get a robust monitoring system along with timely email alerts on technological changes based on current trends. So you always stay one step ahead of others. And it is also connected with over 2000 applications through the use of advanced integration with Zapier.

RivalScan uses an advanced machine learning system that continuously keeps growing daily by detecting over 2000 applications. And the system quickly picks up relevant data like the server information, emails, names on the site, the social media links on the site, the website keywords, tag data and codes, the website categories, etc. All this makes RivalScan a robust company that is capable of outdoing many other lead generation companies.

RivalScan instantly makes a good impression because of its user-friendly site. It looks neat, simple, and easy to navigate the features and options. The site has a dashboard where you can do all your searches, save them, and keep your downloaded records. There is an option for typing your search keywords where RivalScan provides you with a database of over 60 million websites. Once you type your search, they are displayed instantly, and then you can scan through any of the websites.

There is a browse feature that enables you to check the current detected technologies by the AI. You can use it to view things like the market share of the company or website. The interface also lets you check the current trends by providing you with an option called ‘trends’ on the site. And once you find what you are looking for and save them, the monitor feature enables you to keep a timely check on them. You can add all your relevant searches to the monitor feature, and it will alert you when some technology changes or if a new trend gets added or removed, etc. So this is a great way to keep you updated.

RivalScan also offers you the freedom to customize all your searches. You can choose what you want to look for by changing the search keywords and add specific details on the type of data you want. It also provides you with an integration feature like API access, Zapier Explore Page, and Documentation. You can also find the ‘pricing’ option on the site that offers you a credit-based payment system. And any payment made is based on what feature you choose to use. So you only pay for what you use and nothing more.

The page also provides you with a settings option on the site, which handles all the typical site settings, all your billings, etc. And lastly, RivalScan offers an excellent support center. It is one area where most other companies fail to deliver. Customers are the reason why a website or company grows. Every customer is a valuable asset, so they need prioritizing and treated well. So understanding its importance, RivalScan offers a wide range of support through live chats, quick emails, and ticket support. All our queries and doubts are instantly taken care of with a robust support system.

The benefits of lead generation

The internet drives any B2B business company. Unless you make full use of it, your company or brand will not experience growth. Things like running your campaigns and exposing your brand etc. require the right channels and sites. And with an enormous database, finding the right place to start your campaign is a challenging task.

And this is where lead generation companies step in. They take up the task of finding you the right customers from different locations around the world. Their job is to filter out the best leads (the customers) that have the potential to maximize your growth. So they tap into all relevant websites and social media platforms and analyze the preferences of the users, their likes and dislikes, the amount of traffic on each site or platform, etc. And all this is done through the use of data. So it makes it easier for you to increase your reach to new people, contributing to your company’s growth.


Best Lead Generation Companies

Best lead generation companies

If you want your B2B business to grow, you should invest in lead generation companies. It is one of the best ways to get your campaigns noticed by people and generate a user base. And in this case, potential customers are the target. So a lead generation company will-

  • Channel your campaigns to the right site
  • Maximize results through targeted channeling

You can find a lot of leads generation companies. But RivalScan lead generation company stands out as one of the best lead generation companies. It uses one of the most advanced technologies in the form of Artificial Intelligence. The high powered AI is capable of managing complex data and accurate analysis faster. And it gives reliable results for all kinds of lead you need. Additionally, the machine learning capability of RivalScan is like no other. It is fast, efficient, and delivers robust lead generation.

The AI runs 24/7. So it is continuously gathering useful information and data from a wide range of sources through the internet. It scans millions of websites and pages and analyzes the data for you quickly.

Your time is valuable and outsourcing your lead generation to an AI-powered system is one of the best things to opt for. And with the vast amounts of data available, it takes no time for you to quickly check some of the channels and sites at the click of a search. You can quickly skim through some of the pipelines created by the AI for your campaigns whenever you want.

RivalScan offers some great features for you. Such as;

User-friendly advanced features

One of the problems with most company sites is the complex user interface. You can easily get lost and not find the right options quickly. That is why a user-friendly interface is such a vital component because it makes the first impression on any site. RivalScan offers a straightforward and easy to use interface where you can easily browse through all the advanced features quickly and efficiently.

Automatic AI

RivalScan is powered by an automated AI using one of the most advanced technologies. And because it runs 24/7, all the data generation and analysis is run automatically. It can handle vast amounts of data with ease, which keeps you updated on the current trends and the best leads.

Generate the best leads

The AI-powered and advanced machine learning technology ensure that you get some of the best leads. It generates accurate and relevant leads that suit your campaigns, which ultimately makes them more useful. RivalScan also generates targeted leads for you, and you can customize your preferences as well.

No extra spending

When you use RivalScan, you pay only for using the features you select. So there is no unnecessary extra spending. And for every feature that you pay for, you get the best results and value for money.

Cloud hosting

In the modern age of technology, which is internet-driven, cloud hosting is a vital component. Without cloud hosting, none of the data gets stored, and all the use of AI and machine learning will make sense. So considering this, RivalScan has one of the best cloud hosting services for leads generation. It has a vast network capable of handling all the AI processed data and making it available for you at your disposal.

Scan any website

RivalScan offers you the search feature where you can type the websites you want to check. And the AI-powered technology provides all the relevant information of that particular site and what the built components are. So getting information is an easy and quick process. With one search, you get all the details, which otherwise you would have to do multiple searches.

Browse databases

The powerful cloud hosting provided by RivalScan also makes it possible for you to browse through any data. And the search feature enables you to find them quickly from millions of databases.

Customize scans

One of the best features of RivalScan is the ability to customize all your searches or scans. It lets you pick the type of preferences suited to your campaigns and the channels you want to penetrate. And the customization can range from targeted campaigns, user preferences, age or gender, specific social media platforms, etc. So there are wide ranges of customization offered to find the best leads efficiently.

RivalScan is, therefore, a great place to start with for leads generation. The advanced features and the power-packed AI makes it stand out from many lead generation companies. And it also offers some of the best results.

How lead generation company benefits you

Any B2B business company looking for growth needs lead generation because that is how they get exposed to new customers or users. That is why investing in a lead generation company is a vital component. Here is why it is such an essential aspect of any small B2B business and how it benefits you.

  • Lead generation helps you find the customers that you need from different parts of the world. And this is done through the databases from other cloud hosting sites through the internet.
  • Lead generation makes things easier for you to find your customers by assisting in relevant data and customized searches.
  • It helps your brand grow because it creates brand awareness through all the channels that run your campaigns.
  • Lead generation companies help you nurture your leads, which are very important for your growth.
  • Lead generation is one of the best ways to increase your ROI.
  • It is not expensive, like running ads. So it is a handy tool for smaller B2B companies, and it yields impressive results despite the low cost.

Therefore, all these factors prove that lead generation is vital for any small or big B2B company. User base, traffic, and customers are what drives any business online. So the lead generation companies tap into some of the most relevant sources on the internet to get you the best channel to help you find potential customers quickly.


Expert Lead Generation Services

Expert lead generation services

In the world of digital marketing, lead generation services are at the forefront. It is a system that creates an initiation for customer interests for a product or a business through-

  • Search engine results
  • Advertising
  • Referrals from customers

Lead generation services, therefore, run campaigns so that they discover potential customers. So the customers are the ‘leads.’ This is a great way to grow a business or an organization because it helps attract customers or users into their channel.

Lead generation services are a vital component of marketing. More than 50% of marketers spend more than half of their budget on lead generation. But a lot of that does not yield the desired results because it requires an expert. A lead generation expert improves the leads’ quality and makes the probability of your growth bigger and better. Typically, expert lead generation services focus on;

  • Researching the leads thoroughly.
  • Ensure that the leads meet all the requirements

So how does RivalScan, one of the best lead generation companies, help? There are many features offered through the service, and these are;

Use a database for marketing.

RivalScan lead generation focuses on using the databases from different sources such as

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email marketing, etc., and use that to generate and target the best channels. These are relevant information taken from reliable sources that help in promoting targeted campaigns. And it also gives the agency the option of customizing all the lead campaigns to suit their need to make specific targets. So it yields better results and helps acquire targets effectively.

Syndicating your content

RivalScan lead generation pushes all your campaigns to relevant channels with potentially higher traffic so that the probability of your business or brand getting noticed increases. For example, pushing your campaign ads from Twitter to Facebook or Instagram, etc. So it is a way of partnering with other sites and is the most effective way of getting widening your campaign reach. And the basic rule is the broader the scope, the better the results. So this is taken care of through expert lead generation.

Make use of telemarketing.

Telemarketing is an excellent tool because it uses data based on firms. So this helps in improving the targeted leads. And although many people do not like telemarketing, it still is a great option to maximize your campaign reach. Therefore, expert lead generation services also tap into the telemarketing channel.

Nurture the leads

Having some leads is always a good sign. However, irrespective of how big or small the leads are, without nurturing them well, the probability of it failing is still large. And that is where expert lead generation service comes in. Not only does it help you find the leads, but it also enables you to nurture them along the way so that the momentum is not lost. So it offers timely updates, specific goals, suggestions on running the campaigns, etc. All these are essential factors that help maximize the success of the campaigns you run.

Social media use

RivalScan lead generation service uses all the available social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Social media is the most viable way of increasing leads because of the number of users. And a vast user base also means a lot of traffic generation. So it automatically creates an environment where your campaigns can get a lot of attention and clicks, which ultimately results in leads generation.

Effectively create CTA (Calls to Action)

CTA (Calls to Action) is a vital component of marketing. It is a button on a webpage that takes users to a landing page when they click on it. Therefore, expert lead generation service creates CTA’s that are catchy so that it attracts users that will land on your page.

Therefore, any B2B business that wants to grow needs the proper use of finding the leads and making their campaigns effective. That is why lead generation companies focus on fulfilling the need for capturing the right channel and make effective use of targeted channels. Because without its help, you will not know where to make your investments in campaigns. So here are some of the benefits of lead generation for companies of all sizes.

Engage with leads that matter

Having a lead generation company or expert guide, you only engage with the genuine leads. So you don’t waste any time on unnecessary leads that are pointless. And lead forensics handles this information and filter out the actual leads.

Helps your other channels for marketing

Every social media platform channel is interconnected. And when you start promoting your business or website by running campaigns, you use all the available means like social media platforms. And directly or indirectly, it helps in the growth of all your other channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., because you make use of it. So while you run your website campaign on a platform like Facebook through your account, you also grow your Facebook channel, etc.

Relevant data

Lead generation companies offer you relevant data. And the best part is, you can get them when you need them. Data is the driving force for all social media marketing, so it is crucial to have the right data for any B2B promotion. Lead generation companies handle all the databases for you to don’t have to spend hours tracking and sorting them to make your campaign targets. It saves you valuable time which you can spend elsewhere.

Leads pipeline

Lead generation companies channels all the relevant information and data and channel it through a pipeline for you. So it makes it easier for you to access and update the progress of all your campaigns when you want to. And it improves the response time, which is crucial for the growth of any B2B company.

All these factors make leads generation a crucial element for any B2B growth. Therefore, expert lead generation service dedicates to fulfilling every vital aspect of a successful campaign.




RivalScans Competitive Intelligence Tools

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScans offer an undeniable advantage to its users regarding marketing and sales. Let’s look at how this tool helps users gain the edge and take control of their target leads.


A short review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan, as the name suggests, is a tool that tells its users what kind of technology a website is using to build itself. Here are some of the most distinctive features of RivalScan:


Advanced Machine Learning

The only website profiling tool on the internet that uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for technology detection is RivalScan. Hence, their detection rate is comparatively much better than its competitors.


Advanced API

It uses an advanced application programming interface that allows the user to integrate with their own website or application without any hassle. RivalScan also partnered with Zapier to connect with over 2000 apps. Now, importing data between apps will be much easier.


Credit Based System method of pricing

RivalScan can keep their prices much lower than its competitors because they use a Credit Based System. The users will pay only for the data that they used or the information that they want, and nothing more than that.


Large database

The bigger the database, the more information the tool has, and the more accurate their conclusions based on the information will be. RivalScan has already scanned over 60 million websites in its Beta phase, and it plans to increase this number to a whopping 250 million within the first month of launch.


A short review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith has similar features with RivalScan and works almost the same way as its more affordable alternative. There is no point in beating around the bush. Hence, we can directly say that the most significant advantage that RivalScan has over BuiltWith is that the first option is much cheaper and affordable than the latter due to its Credit Based Pricing System.


Besides the pricing method, RivalScan is one step ahead in the technology detection game, thanks to the Advanced Machine Learning that they utilize. These two points are probably the only differences between the two that are worth mentioning. Regardless of these points, BuiltWith is an excellent tool with many features like:


  • Generation of leads by using its 38k technologies and 270 million websites
  • Analysis of the market using market share information
  • Keeps its users alert and notified about any new changes in the websites of interest
  • Integration with CRM using different types of marketing and sales software
  • Understanding the prospect’s requirements and improving conversions
  • Provides data that covers the entire market
  • Helps in informing users about the risks that their websites might face
  • Filtering information to suit the needs and requirements of its users


Gaining a competitive advantage in marketing and sales with RivalScan 

The success or failure of a website or business depends on how well they carry out the marketing and selling processes. Marketing includes advertising and anything related to how a person can expose their target audience to their product or service. The next process is selling, where this marketed product or service gets exchanged for consideration.


The question that arises is: how can a person gain a competitive advantage in marketing and sales using the information and data that RivalScan has provided? The technology detection method of RivalScan has one of the best detection rates in the market. With this accurate information, a person can figure out what their rivals are using and make a forecast.


This forecasting will be possible because once they learn about what technologies their competitors are using, they can study those who used the same technologies in the past and how they faired in the market. It is a significant element of a successful marketing strategy.


Learning about the pricing methods and features of the competitor’s product or service is another important point. It can give the user an idea regarding how they should price their products and services. And if they can price them lower than the rivals’ prices, it will skyrocket their sales.


There are over 60 million domains scanned by RivalScan already during its beta phase. Adding another 190 million to this number and making it a total of 250 million in the first month is the goal. It will not be difficult for RivalScan to provide its users with all the information they might need considering the vast amount of data it collects.


Using RivalScan data for specifically targeted LinkedIn ads

If anyone is wondering why LinkedIn ads that target specific companies is important, there is a straightforward answer. It gives a person more control over their targeted leads and improves accuracy by a considerable margin.


Here are some reasons why targeting a company based on what type of software they use is favorable:


  • Firstly, it helps in hooking the rival’s clients and making them switch to another product or service
  • Secondly, it allows a user to suggest or recommend their partnership’s solutions and services
  • Thirdly, it can increase a user’s blog engagement


Now that readers know why it is crucial, it is time to get into how it happens:


  1. Use RivalScan to find out what technology the user’s competitor uses
  2. Export the information gathered to LinkedIn’s Account Targeting
  3. Create different “matched audience” list for every competitor or a single list of their customers
  4. Lastly, the user can create a campaign with the new lists made in the previous step


The process of making target specific ads for better conversion and more effective reach starts with data collected and provided by RivalScan. Hence, it is in everyone’s interest to avail of this affordable website profiling’s services.


Final thoughts 

There are many things that a competitor website analytics service like RivalScan can do. From generating leads and targeting these leads to putting up company-specific ads on websites like LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless. Getting the upper hand in marketing and sales is one of the most beneficial advantages of using a website profiling tool like RivalScan.




Competitor Targeting with RivalScan

In an increasingly competitive world, both in the digital and physical worlds, even surviving becomes a massive challenge. One thing that anyone or any website should do is stay on top of the game by knowing everything they can about their competitors or rivals. With the help of RivalScan, a website profiling tool that helps in prospecting sales, a person can have their rivals below them.


Now readers must be wondering, how can this tool carry out this function? How can RivalScan help in spotting a product competitor and get knowledge about their website technology for the users’ benefit? Continue reading to find out more.


A review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan is a type of software or tool that provides technographic information. It can help users to target their competitors or rivals using the information RivalScan offers for an affordable price. Let’s look at the different features of RivalScan and see how it differs from other similar tools available in the market for a much higher price:


The use of Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan utilizes Advanced Machine Learning to detect websites’ technologies, which is something that none of its competitors do. It is the only website profiling tool that makes use of AI for this reason and hence, has a better technology detection rate than its rivals.


In case the user learns about what software or technology their competitors are using, they can easily target the rival’s customers. If the person can successfully offer a better and improved version of the product or service at a lower price, they can be sure of prospecting sales and generating leads. This type of competitor targeting is healthy and creates a positive competitive environment where both businesses try to offer the best product to the customers.


Affordable pricing method

Many technographic information tools in the market fail to become successful or fail to get more customers because of their high prices. RivalScan has found a solution to this problem by adopting a pricing method called Credit Based pricing, where the users pay only for the data that they asked for in the first place.


Affordability becomes a significant selling point, and RivalScan wins in this category, all thanks to its low pricing. Since many people can afford this tool’s services, its rivals might have to go for a competitive pricing strategy or offer something that RivalScan does not. Either way, it will be a win for RivalScan.


Taking into consideration the low price of RivalScan, users will pay comparatively lesser than when they used other tools like BuiltWith. The total cost will reduce, and hence, this user can now reduce the price of their own service or product. Once the price of a service or product goes down, it is sure that more people will start paying for it. As such, lead generation and sales prospecting are possible.


Advanced overall integration

RivalScan has partnered up with Zapier to make the user’s job of integration much user. With Zapier, this website profiling tool now has a connection with over 2000 applications. A person can easily and quickly import the leads, data, and information from RivalScan to another application. In a nutshell, this partnership with Zapier has improved the integration function of RivalScan.


It does not end there. RivalScan also uses an advanced Application Programming Interface, which allows users to integrate with their own websites or applications effortlessly.


An ever-growing database

RivalScan has over 60 million websites in its database during the Beta phase. The aim is to increase this number to 250 million within the first month after its launch. This number’s significance is that even its biggest competitor, BuiltWith, has been in the market since 2017 and has only 178 million active sites. RivalScan is planning to exceed this number within the launch month itself.


As for the detected technologies, the number has crossed 2500. This number keeps increasing every day and shows no sign of slowing down. The goal here is to reach 20000 development technologies by the end of the first year.


A comprehensive data collection about competitors

This feature is perhaps the most important one for this article. In order to compete with rivals, it is best to prepare as much as possible and, in this case, get as much information about competitors as possible. There are many types of data that RivalScan collects from different websites, including their social media websites.


Social media accounts, emails, and addresses are beneficial to get an idea of what the competitor is about, where it thrives and where it can improve. A user can take notes and upgrade themselves to as a better and improved version of their competitors.


A review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith is another website profiling tool like RivalScan, with similar features and benefits. It is safe to say that RivalScan is an improved version of BuiltWith. RivalAScan observed the market and carefully jotted down what was missing from the existing technographic segmentation tools. Then it proceeded to implement all the missing bits into a handy and accurate application.


BuiltWith’s main benefits are sales intelligence, market share information, and lead generation. As one can see, RivalScan also offers all these advantages. The only difference between the two is that BuiltWith is much more expensive than RivalScan.


BuiltWith provides its users with keyword-based lists, competitor comparison tables, exportable metadata, website traffic rankings, historical reporting based on technologies that people used in the past as well as today. It also offers detailed website profiles and a full trends history chart that is easy to understand.


Final thoughts

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScan can help its users to get a better idea about their competitors and find ways to outperform them. It uses Advanced Machine Learning to stay at the top of the game of technology detection. The price of its services and the number of scanned websites give this tool’s competitors a run for their money.