RivalScans Data Analytics Tools

RivalScan’s data analytics tools

In the modern world of online B2B companies and networking, data is the most crucial element. It dictates a company in terms of its sales and growth. Data is critical because it helps you understand the customers and their preferences. And these are crucial information you need so that you can run successful campaigns and make relevant changes so that it helps your business. That is where company analytics comes in with data analytics tools.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics involves the examination of different types of data collected from various sources and drawing conclusions from the information on the data. So it means a process of evaluating data sets and analyzing all the information. The data can contain information like the location, name, address, details of a company’s website, the social media interactions, gender, likes, and dislikes of social media users, etc. It covers a wide range of information.

How does data help your business?

For any online business, data is essential because;

  • It helps you find your customers.
  • It helps you improve your customer services by understanding their preferences.
  • It helps retain your previous customers.
  • It also helps you track all the social media interactions.
  • It gives you directions on sales trends and predictions.


RivalScan is one of the best lead generation companies in the world. The company analytics produces excellent lead results with accuracy based on your searches. It also offers some excellent tools for you. One of the best features of the company is the AI powdered technology. RivalScan is the only company that uses AI technology for lead generation. And it is also aided by an advanced machine learning system with the potential for scanning millions of web pages in less time.

So what are the data analytics tools you can use on RivalScan? Here are some of them.

Huge database

The first thing you need for any type of data analytics is the data itself. And the type of data depends on what you are looking for. RivalScan has one of the biggest databases for extracting all the relevant information you need. It has data collected from millions of web pages and social media platforms, which are managed by advanced cloud hosting. And you don’t have to visit multiple sites by yourself because the AI technology takes care of it. So it is an excellent one-stop-solution.

RivalScan also has a full website stack of information, including detection of over 2500 different technologies growing daily. It has advanced integration with Zapier for connection with over 2000 applications, allowing you to import data to any application easily.

Manage search and scan

Once you decide on the type of data you want, you can customize your searches on RivalScan, and the AI will scan everything for you. It will extract all the information you need and also give you inputs on the current trends.

RivalScan also provides you with advanced search filters, which you can use to maximize your search results. So it filters out most of the unnecessary data for you, and it saves you time. It finds you the best leads and the relevant data which you can use to grow your business.

The advanced AI technology for data analytics

The best data analytics tool is AI technology. AI is at the forefront of all technological advancements. And it functions automatically on RivalScan, so most of your work is outsourced by this technology. The use of an advanced machine learning system ensures that every detail of the data gets examined accurately based on your searches. So all your work apart from typing the keywords on the search option is done by the AI.

Why use data analytics of RivalScan?

With all the excellent tools that RivalScan provides, it is the best option for you. Data analytics is crucial for your B2B company because that is how you find your potential customers. And the data which the AI examines tells you where you can find your customers and which sites to target. It determines the growth of your business. So by making the decision to use RivalScan, it can help you to;

RivalScan helps you make better business decisions based on data analysis. And this is possible because the AI generates accurate conclusions after examining all the data. It tells you which leads are the best and things like which site or social media platform you should target etc. And because it also analyses the market trends, it makes accurate predictions for you. So that way, you don’t leave anything for a chance based on guesswork. In short, it gives you a broader perspective of things for your business growth.

Having the right leads, the right information, and making the correct decisions also increase your marketing potential. So every campaign you make or any connections you make with other people yields better results. And all this is because of what RivalScan can do for you. All the information you derive from the AI analytics also help you understand your customers better. So it also enables you to improve your customer services and build a stronger bond. And this is crucial because, without customers, your business cannot grow.

All these features and tools offered by RivalScan are some of the best you can find compared to other lead generation companies. It helps you get valuable insights quicker, which allows you to plan your targets easily. And you don’t have to spend huge sums of money on all the tools offered by it. RIvalScan has one of the lowest pricing for all the tools you can use. And it provides you with a credit-based system that eases your budgetary constraints. However, despite the low pricing, the results are excellent.

So try RivalScan’s data analytic tools and boost your business growth by making the right decisions and targeting the suitable sites.




The Best CMS Checker | Scan a website now!

Have you ever asked yourself what CMS is this site using? That’s where our CMS checker comes to save the day! Easily find what Content Management System (CMS) a website is using with our advanced Machine Learning and AI website scanner.


CMS Checker Detected Platforms

For example, our website scanner can easily detect when a website is built with any of the popular Content Management Systems below:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Concrete 5
  • And over 2,000 more technologies!


Our platform not only will check cms, but we also scan a wide verity of information relating to that site. Like who hosts the website, what country it’s in, social media profiles, domain rank, keywords, Alexa/Traffic ranking, employee information and even email addresses for easy lead generation. Our advanced detection technology can identify over 2,000 different technologies used on websites.


You might be wondering, why would I need to know what a website is built with? Why would I need to use a CMS checker? Well, the answer to that question really depends on who you are and what you do. For example, if you’re a small business owner just getting started with online marketing, you may like the look of a particular website, and may want to build your own website on the same CMS to get similar results. If you’re a CEO or other C level employee of an early startup, you may want to use our database of over 250 million websites to seek out the companies that use your competitors development technologies. That would provide easy targets for new leads, especially if your pricing and features are better than the competition. If you’re a Website Developer looking for new clients, our vast amount of data relating to SEO, Keywords on site, Site Age (by looking at the copyright footer) and finally what the website is built with is perfect for low hanging leads ripe for sales.


Working With Big Data

When working with big data like this, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we deployed advanced filters so you can narrow down exactly what you’re looking for and eliminate anything that doesn’t apply to you. You can narrow down a particular site built with technology A that doesn’t have technology B. Or maybe you’re just looking for websites with the WordPress CMS that have a copywrite footer showing 2003. All of that and more can be accomplished with filtering, check out our other articles for more information on how to filter and work with big data. After you’ve collected the data you want, you can easily export that to one of over 2,000 different platforms with our Zapier integration making lead generation a breeze.


Are we missing anything? If you have a particular set of websites not covered in our data that you desperately need information on head over to our custom crawl page and import your list of websites and select exactly what information you need covered! We’ll get to work and have our advanced algorithms scan your sites so you get the most detailed and up-to-date information on what those websites are built with. Because we collect information on millions of websites each day we can turn that order around quickly with laser accuracy so you never are late to jump on a lead.


A Free CMS Checker

With our credit-based payment system you pay for exactly what you need and nothing more! Don’t waste money by opting for larger all-inclusive packages just because you want to search for more than three technologies. We want our customers to be happy with the price, effectiveness and freshness of our data and a credit-based system works perfectly for that! Cut out the excess technology spend for your company and only pay for the data you use.


In conclusion, at RivalScan our CMS Checker can work on a wide verity of levels, for a wide verity of people and businesses. We do our very best to offer our customers the technologies that websites are built with at the very best prices, without compromising the size and accuracy of our data.


RivalScans Competitive Intelligence Tools

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScans offer an undeniable advantage to its users regarding marketing and sales. Let’s look at how this tool helps users gain the edge and take control of their target leads.


A short review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan, as the name suggests, is a tool that tells its users what kind of technology a website is using to build itself. Here are some of the most distinctive features of RivalScan:


Advanced Machine Learning

The only website profiling tool on the internet that uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for technology detection is RivalScan. Hence, their detection rate is comparatively much better than its competitors.


Advanced API

It uses an advanced application programming interface that allows the user to integrate with their own website or application without any hassle. RivalScan also partnered with Zapier to connect with over 2000 apps. Now, importing data between apps will be much easier.


Credit Based System method of pricing

RivalScan can keep their prices much lower than its competitors because they use a Credit Based System. The users will pay only for the data that they used or the information that they want, and nothing more than that.


Large database

The bigger the database, the more information the tool has, and the more accurate their conclusions based on the information will be. RivalScan has already scanned over 60 million websites in its Beta phase, and it plans to increase this number to a whopping 250 million within the first month of launch.


A short review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith has similar features with RivalScan and works almost the same way as its more affordable alternative. There is no point in beating around the bush. Hence, we can directly say that the most significant advantage that RivalScan has over BuiltWith is that the first option is much cheaper and affordable than the latter due to its Credit Based Pricing System.


Besides the pricing method, RivalScan is one step ahead in the technology detection game, thanks to the Advanced Machine Learning that they utilize. These two points are probably the only differences between the two that are worth mentioning. Regardless of these points, BuiltWith is an excellent tool with many features like:


  • Generation of leads by using its 38k technologies and 270 million websites
  • Analysis of the market using market share information
  • Keeps its users alert and notified about any new changes in the websites of interest
  • Integration with CRM using different types of marketing and sales software
  • Understanding the prospect’s requirements and improving conversions
  • Provides data that covers the entire market
  • Helps in informing users about the risks that their websites might face
  • Filtering information to suit the needs and requirements of its users


Gaining a competitive advantage in marketing and sales with RivalScan 

The success or failure of a website or business depends on how well they carry out the marketing and selling processes. Marketing includes advertising and anything related to how a person can expose their target audience to their product or service. The next process is selling, where this marketed product or service gets exchanged for consideration.


The question that arises is: how can a person gain a competitive advantage in marketing and sales using the information and data that RivalScan has provided? The technology detection method of RivalScan has one of the best detection rates in the market. With this accurate information, a person can figure out what their rivals are using and make a forecast.


This forecasting will be possible because once they learn about what technologies their competitors are using, they can study those who used the same technologies in the past and how they faired in the market. It is a significant element of a successful marketing strategy.


Learning about the pricing methods and features of the competitor’s product or service is another important point. It can give the user an idea regarding how they should price their products and services. And if they can price them lower than the rivals’ prices, it will skyrocket their sales.


There are over 60 million domains scanned by RivalScan already during its beta phase. Adding another 190 million to this number and making it a total of 250 million in the first month is the goal. It will not be difficult for RivalScan to provide its users with all the information they might need considering the vast amount of data it collects.


Using RivalScan data for specifically targeted LinkedIn ads

If anyone is wondering why LinkedIn ads that target specific companies is important, there is a straightforward answer. It gives a person more control over their targeted leads and improves accuracy by a considerable margin.


Here are some reasons why targeting a company based on what type of software they use is favorable:


  • Firstly, it helps in hooking the rival’s clients and making them switch to another product or service
  • Secondly, it allows a user to suggest or recommend their partnership’s solutions and services
  • Thirdly, it can increase a user’s blog engagement


Now that readers know why it is crucial, it is time to get into how it happens:


  1. Use RivalScan to find out what technology the user’s competitor uses
  2. Export the information gathered to LinkedIn’s Account Targeting
  3. Create different “matched audience” list for every competitor or a single list of their customers
  4. Lastly, the user can create a campaign with the new lists made in the previous step


The process of making target specific ads for better conversion and more effective reach starts with data collected and provided by RivalScan. Hence, it is in everyone’s interest to avail of this affordable website profiling’s services.


Final thoughts 

There are many things that a competitor website analytics service like RivalScan can do. From generating leads and targeting these leads to putting up company-specific ads on websites like LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless. Getting the upper hand in marketing and sales is one of the most beneficial advantages of using a website profiling tool like RivalScan.




Competitor Targeting with RivalScan

In an increasingly competitive world, both in the digital and physical worlds, even surviving becomes a massive challenge. One thing that anyone or any website should do is stay on top of the game by knowing everything they can about their competitors or rivals. With the help of RivalScan, a website profiling tool that helps in prospecting sales, a person can have their rivals below them.


Now readers must be wondering, how can this tool carry out this function? How can RivalScan help in spotting a product competitor and get knowledge about their website technology for the users’ benefit? Continue reading to find out more.


A review of RivalScan’s features

RivalScan is a type of software or tool that provides technographic information. It can help users to target their competitors or rivals using the information RivalScan offers for an affordable price. Let’s look at the different features of RivalScan and see how it differs from other similar tools available in the market for a much higher price:


The use of Artificial Intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan utilizes Advanced Machine Learning to detect websites’ technologies, which is something that none of its competitors do. It is the only website profiling tool that makes use of AI for this reason and hence, has a better technology detection rate than its rivals.


In case the user learns about what software or technology their competitors are using, they can easily target the rival’s customers. If the person can successfully offer a better and improved version of the product or service at a lower price, they can be sure of prospecting sales and generating leads. This type of competitor targeting is healthy and creates a positive competitive environment where both businesses try to offer the best product to the customers.


Affordable pricing method

Many technographic information tools in the market fail to become successful or fail to get more customers because of their high prices. RivalScan has found a solution to this problem by adopting a pricing method called Credit Based pricing, where the users pay only for the data that they asked for in the first place.


Affordability becomes a significant selling point, and RivalScan wins in this category, all thanks to its low pricing. Since many people can afford this tool’s services, its rivals might have to go for a competitive pricing strategy or offer something that RivalScan does not. Either way, it will be a win for RivalScan.


Taking into consideration the low price of RivalScan, users will pay comparatively lesser than when they used other tools like BuiltWith. The total cost will reduce, and hence, this user can now reduce the price of their own service or product. Once the price of a service or product goes down, it is sure that more people will start paying for it. As such, lead generation and sales prospecting are possible.


Advanced overall integration

RivalScan has partnered up with Zapier to make the user’s job of integration much user. With Zapier, this website profiling tool now has a connection with over 2000 applications. A person can easily and quickly import the leads, data, and information from RivalScan to another application. In a nutshell, this partnership with Zapier has improved the integration function of RivalScan.


It does not end there. RivalScan also uses an advanced Application Programming Interface, which allows users to integrate with their own websites or applications effortlessly.


An ever-growing database

RivalScan has over 60 million websites in its database during the Beta phase. The aim is to increase this number to 250 million within the first month after its launch. This number’s significance is that even its biggest competitor, BuiltWith, has been in the market since 2017 and has only 178 million active sites. RivalScan is planning to exceed this number within the launch month itself.


As for the detected technologies, the number has crossed 2500. This number keeps increasing every day and shows no sign of slowing down. The goal here is to reach 20000 development technologies by the end of the first year.


A comprehensive data collection about competitors

This feature is perhaps the most important one for this article. In order to compete with rivals, it is best to prepare as much as possible and, in this case, get as much information about competitors as possible. There are many types of data that RivalScan collects from different websites, including their social media websites.


Social media accounts, emails, and addresses are beneficial to get an idea of what the competitor is about, where it thrives and where it can improve. A user can take notes and upgrade themselves to as a better and improved version of their competitors.


A review of BuiltWith’s features

BuiltWith is another website profiling tool like RivalScan, with similar features and benefits. It is safe to say that RivalScan is an improved version of BuiltWith. RivalAScan observed the market and carefully jotted down what was missing from the existing technographic segmentation tools. Then it proceeded to implement all the missing bits into a handy and accurate application.


BuiltWith’s main benefits are sales intelligence, market share information, and lead generation. As one can see, RivalScan also offers all these advantages. The only difference between the two is that BuiltWith is much more expensive than RivalScan.


BuiltWith provides its users with keyword-based lists, competitor comparison tables, exportable metadata, website traffic rankings, historical reporting based on technologies that people used in the past as well as today. It also offers detailed website profiles and a full trends history chart that is easy to understand.


Final thoughts

Competitive intelligence tools like RivalScan can help its users to get a better idea about their competitors and find ways to outperform them. It uses Advanced Machine Learning to stay at the top of the game of technology detection. The price of its services and the number of scanned websites give this tool’s competitors a run for their money.



Find websites using competitors’ products with RivalScan

There are two ways of keeping competitors in check. The first one is by identifying a product competitor from a vast ocean of websites. Secondly, a person can learn about lead generation and prospecting sales from information that a tool like RivalScan provides. The second method creates a perfect balance between keeping competitors or rivals in check and also getting new customers who are willing to pay.


In this article, readers will find out how a website technology detecting tool like RivalScan has paved the way to getting the hang of lead generation and prospecting sales.


What is RivalScan?

RivalScan is a tool that provides technographic information. It gives its users every data or facts and figures they need regarding the website’s technological build. With this tool, a person can learn more about their customers and competitors.


It is useless for any website to provide content, products, or services that are of no use for its customers. Keeping this in mind, RivalSpace allows all users to choose what type of information or data they want and pay for just that. It is one of the most, if not the most affordable, website profiling tool in the market as of now.


How does RivalScan help in lead generation and sales prospecting

Lead generation is the process of grabbing the attention or interest of a consumer into the products or services that a business offers. In other words, it is the action of getting a consumer interested in what a person’s website does and engaging in conversation to learn more about the same.


Sales prospecting is the next step in the sales process, and it follows lead generation. In simple terms, one can define sales prospecting as searching for the most likely potential paying customers from the leads that the first step has generated.


RivalScan helps in both of these steps of the sales process with the help of its beneficial features. The features that allow in lead generation and sales prospecting are as follows:


The use of Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan is the only website profiling tool that uses artificial intelligence or Advanced Machine Learning to detect different competitors’ technologies and other websites. It is a much more effective technology detection method and surpasses all other ways that its rivals use.


This feature helps in generating leads and prospecting sales because the user learns about the different website technologies that might belong to competitors. As a result, a person can use this information to approach their rivals’ current customers and offer an improved and better version of what they are using right now.


As of now, RivalScan has detected over 2500 technologies, and this number keeps increasing exponentially every day. The more technologies the tool detects, the more potential sales prospects that a user has.


An extensive database with aims to reach higher

The beta version of RivalSpace already has over 60 million websites in its database. In the month of launching this tool, the developers are aiming to get over 250 million websites in total. Although this might sound farfetched, one can erase those doubts because there are already around 249 million that are waiting for RivalScan to scan them.


Now how will this help in generating leads and prospecting sales? First of all, the more websites or domains RivalScan scans, the more data a user will get regarding what type of technologies they use. It is almost impossible to get to a conclusion with just one or two pieces of information about the competitors. As such, this massive amount of data can help users learn more about their customers, prospects, and competitors.


Affordable pricing method

Many people know about the advantages of using a website profiling tool but settle to work without one because of their high prices. RivalScan has successfully gotten rid of this problem and has made technographic information affordable for all. They have achieved this feat by following a Credit Based System that lets the user pay only for the data they used and nothing more.


Most competitors of RivalScan do not offer this advantage. They remain unaffordable for the masses. As such, RivalScan has the potential to overtake all its competitors with this single feature.


Affordability can help the user in lead generation and sales prospecting because they will get all the services and information for a lower and affordable price. Access to information which can help a person detect and attain potential customers from competitors.


A detailed look at competitors

Getting information about a competitor’s website or technologies is a common feature. But the thing that sets RivalScan apart is that the user can customize their “order.” If there is a specific area where they want to check about a website, they can request such information. At the same time, this tool will keep a constant eye on the target website and alert the user if it notices any change in their technologies.


RivalScan will help users learn about their competitors and what is making them successful so that necessary changes can take place. Or they can compare those rivals who are not doing so well with the successful ones and see where they went wrong. By adopting the style and method that the successful ones are using, they can generate leads and prospect sales.


Application features

Some application features of RivalScan that are worth mentioning are as follows:


  • The ability to scan a website of your choice
  • Track the different technological trends
  • View market share of the current technologies which the tool ahs detected already
  • Create a custom list of websites to check or a specific area to check
  • Save one’s searches and reports


Final thoughts 

Use RivalScan to search a website for any information that will help in prospecting sales and generating leads. It is affordable, easy to use, accurate, and has an extensive database for the user’s benefit.



How to detect CMS of website

Content Management System or CMS is a software that many websites use to create, alter, or modify their digital content. If a person has a tool that can detect CMS of website, they will have a massive amount of information about their competitors. RivalScan is one such tool that acts as a CMS checker to give users the upper hand in the market.


In this article, readers will learn about the importance of knowing what CMS their competitor websites use and how RivalScan accomplishes this feat.


How does RivalScan detect Content Management System (CMS)?

First of all, let’s learn what RivalScan is all about before getting into how it works as a CMS checker. It is a technographic tool that can identify technology on websites and detect the said websites’ CMS. With such information, a person can find out many things about their customers, prospects, and competitors.


Another term to be aware of is CMS. What is it exactly? Content Management System is, as the name suggests, a system that manages a website’s content. It allows users to create, change, publish, collaborate, report, and distribute content on their website.


Now, on to the question of the day: how does RivalScan detect CMS of different websites? This website profiling tool called RivalScan is the only one in the market that uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for detecting the technology of websites. In simple terms, this tool detects the technology of different websites, what they are built with, and gives users information about the same.


It uses this distinguishing benefit to collect information and learn from the millions of websites that it visits. As of now, it has detected over 2500 development technologies, and this number is growing every day. It offers full website stack information. The aim of RivalScan is to spot and recognize over 20,000 technologies in the year of its release.


Some of the types of information that RivalScan collects for part of CMS detection and related functions are as follows:


  • Detection of over 2000 web applications
  • Server information
  • Emails and social website links present on the site
  • Website keywords
  • Alexa domain rank
  • Record company name and address that the site presents
  • Record names and job positions present on the site, including the email if it is there
  • Record technology or software first and last detected
  • Website categories or vertical
  • Tag data or codes
  • Scrape subdomains and group with the root domain


There are many more data that RivalScan collects besides the ones mentioned on the list given above.


Why is detecting CMS so important?

This article has been talking about what CMS is and how RivalScan detects the CMS of other websites. But another question remains: why should a person want to know about the CMS of different websites in the first place? Here are some reasons why detecting CMS of websites will be in anyone’s favor:



In a world where digital marketing has seen constant growth, one can conclude that the content of a website and the digital marketing strategy go hand in hand. This part is where CMS enters and helps out in many ways. Getting to know the different market trends that competitors have gone through in the past years. Learning about the market share of rival websites is the first step towards a successful website.


Building a similar site as a successful competitor

If a competitor is performing very well in the market, learning about what CMS they use and how it works can be a great benefit. Knowing what is working for them and adopting a similar style or site will work in a person’s favor without fail.


Sales leads

Bringing in new customers and turning them into lifelong clients is one significant benefit that detecting CMS offers. Although not every website a person checks will have the potential to become a future client, it is still in everyone’s best interest to keep a lookout on new prospects.


Comparison of competitors’ CMS

With the information from detected CMS, a person can learn which one is doing better and make the most out of it. One can see which one will do better for their own website and what they might need to change to perform better.


What makes RivalScan different from other technographic tools?


Several features of RivalScan set it apart from competitors like,,, and Let’s take a look at some of them:


Advanced Machine Learning

RivalScan is the only website profiling tool that uses AI or Advanced Machine Learning to detect rival websites’ technologies. This feature makes it much better than the competitors at detecting technology. It also automates new technology additions.


Affordable pricing

RivalScan uses Credit Based Pricing, making the user pay for only that data they used and nothing more. No one will have to pay extra for information they did not need or want in the first place.


Full information about competitors

A person can learn about what kind of technology a website is using to build itself. RivalScan takes this function seriously and continues to monitor a website and inform or alert the user if it notices any change in the technology used.


Advanced integration

RivalScan has partnered up with Zapier, meaning that now users can easily import the leads, data, or information across over 2000 applications and websites. The Application Programming Interface that RivalScan uses is as advanced as it can get, and thus, a person can easily integrate into their personal websites or applications.


Massive database

There are over 60 million websites under the watch of RivalScan in its beta version. In the first month of release, they are planning to increase this number to 250 million. Already, this tool has detected over 2500 technologies, and the number keeps rising every day.


Final thoughts 

Now that everyone here knows how important it is to detect a website’s CMS, it is time to put that knowledge to work. Get the best out of the money spent by choosing RivalSpace today.





RivalScan a Wappalyzer alternative 

Knowing what a website’s building blocks are will help a person learn many details of the said website. These types of information make it easier to create an accurate technographic profile. RivalScan, the most dependable Wappalyzer alternative, provides users with everything they need to know regarding how their competitors or rivals build their websites.


Continue reading to find out more about this incredible tool’s features that can surpass all other competitors in the field.


What is RivalScan?

RivalScan is an intelligence tool.It gives users all the technographic information they need to find out what other people use to build their websites. With this service, a person can find out more about customers, prospects, and competitors based on the type of technology that they use.


It is not easy to collect such significant information and data with a single click, but RivalScan makes it all possible. There are several similar competitors of RivalScan. However, this particular website profiler surpasses all the rivals because it has included only the others’best features. And it has also solved the problems that competitors like Wappalyzer face.


The distinguishing features that set RivalScan apart

Competitors like,,, and have similar features as RivalScan. And that is because RivalScan picked the best parts of all these rivals and put them into one package. One can say that RivalSpace is the new and improved version of all of the sites mentioned earlier.


Let’s dive into the different features that make RivalScan different from its competitors:


Advanced Machine Learning

No competitor in the market uses machine learning for their operations. RivalScan utilizes one of the most advanced Machine Learning for technology detection. As a result, its rate of technology detection is much higher than the other similar tools.


Using AI for technology detection means RivalScan can automate all the newly added technologies. This feature is the one that makes RivalScan stand out.It helps in locking the potential to beat any tool that generates technographics even if they have been in the market for much longer.


Excellent integration

Getting the technographic information is easy, thanks to RivalScan. However, studying those data and coming up with conclusions and solutions require a person to switch between apps. RivalScan’ssystem is highly integrative, meaning a person can quickly import the data and information from one application to another. There are over 2000 applications connected to RivalScan through its partnership with Zapier.


The advanced Application Programming Interface that RivalScan uses allows the user to integrate whatever computer intelligence they have received into their websites or applications. This tool makes management and dealing with Big Data as easy as possible.


Credit Based Pricing

One thing that brings in a massive number of users is because of the reasonable pricing of RivalScan. Most of the competitors find it challenging to beat or go against RivalScan on this front. The reason why RivalScan is so affordable is that it follows a Credit Based Pricing. This statement means that the user pays only for the data that they have used thus far.


Other competitors price their unlimited plans and Team System separately or both for a high price. On the other hand, RivalScan offers a Team System for free. Considering an average competitor price of $995 for both the unlimited plan and team system, giving the latter for free reduces the cost by a massive amount.


Substantial database

RivalScan plans to get information and data from over 250 million websites in the month they launch. For perspective, let’s take the example of a competitor, BuiltWith, which has been in the game for over three years but has only 178 million active sites as of now. As everyone can see, RivalScan has set an enormous goal of beating one of its largest competitors in its launch month itself.


The beta version of this tool has over 60 million websites under its monitoring already. The more information it can get from different websites, the more comprehensive its conclusions and interpretations will be.


Competitor monitoring

RivalScan gives the user the information regarding what competitors use to build their websites and keeps a constant eye on them. If they detect any change in the technology used, they can quickly notice the differences and alert them about it. As of now, there are over 2500 technologies seen under RivalScan. And this number keeps increasing day by day.


What types of data does RivalScan collect?

The collection of data from multiple websites is necessary to get the exact information they want and need. Here are some of the data that they collect:


  • Server information like the IP address, country, and the like
  • Alexa Domain Rank
  • Website keywords
  • Any social media link or email that the website offers
  • Tag data or codes like Google Analytics Code
  • Record technology like the date of technology first and last recorded
  • Record names and job positions that are present on the site


This list does not end here. There are many more types of data that they collect.


A quick review of Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer entered the market and has made a very comfortable spot as one of the longest-lasting technographic providing sites. It gives very accurate data and has an extension that works on Chrome. A person can get a list of the technologies that websites use, and like RivalScan, people can also get an alert when the technology stack changes.


Now the drawback of Wappalyzer is that it does not work when it comes to unpopular websites. This statement means that people might not get information on a website they want if it is not one of the more popular ones. On the other hand, RivalScan already has 60 million website information and aims to get 250 million in the first month.


Final thoughts 

RivalScan is an excellent technographics tool with a dependable support system and affordable pricing. It combines integration, monitoring, accuracy, user-friendliness, and the use of Advanced Machine Learning to give people the best information possible.


Disclaimer: RivalScan is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with BuiltWith™, Wappalyzer or any other brand. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Limitation of warranties: The information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. RivalScan (a.k.a. LineLogic, Inc.) makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information above.


RivalScan vs. BuiltWith vs. Wappalyzer

RivalScan, Builtwith, and Wappalyzer are all data vendors that offer website scanning services to identify technologies. If you’re looking for some professional help and excellent providers in the technographics field to help you find what CMS or technology your competitors are using, the vendors mentioned above are a great choice! RivalScan is often mentioned as a great alternative to both BuiltWith and Wappalyzer.

All three providers have some similarities in their features and services. However, there are obviously some differences as well, some of which we’ll discuss in this article. You can go through the differences in their offerings and opt for the one that suits you best.

RivalScan – an alternative to BuiltWith and Wappalyzer:

RivalScan is one of the most advanced providers in the realm of technographics. The unique thing about this company is that it uses Advanced Machine Learning or AI for Technology detection. They are the first company in the technographics space to use such an advanced technology detection system. Thus, RivalScan has a better technology detection rate than other similar providers.

RivalScan provides a wide range of features, including a full website stack information system that detects over 2,500 technologies daily, advanced API, 60,000,000 domains (higher than large competitors like BuiltWith), custom scan, broad dashboard, technology monitoring, track technology trends, and lots more.

Another impressive thing about RivalScan is that it is one of the most reasonable companies with so much to offer. With a unique Credit Based System, RivalScan is able to achieve lower prices than their competitors like Wappalyzer and BuiltWith. They also offer a Team System completely free of cost.

Organic Data:

The data collected through RivalScan’s browser extension is completely organic. Note that websites scanned by web crawlers alone won’t reveal your competitor’s popularity or traffic generated by real people. Hence, RivalScan’s data primarily comes from its browser extension and augmented by internal crawlers to get all necessary information such as metadata and contact details.

Thus, RivalScan can easily access and analyze websites that crawlers cannot detect, such as ones behind a login.

Data Accuracy:

RivalScan is one of the most, if not the most accurate profiler in the technographics field. It uses advanced integration with Zapier for connection to more than 2,000 applications. This means it is possible to easily import leads and other information into any kind of application.

It has a large community and user base of developers on an international level. Hence, RivalScan’s technology fingerprints come under strict and constant inspections. Developers are continually coming up with improvements. And they update their data continuously to ensure they include only active and genuine websites in their technology lookup feature and lead lists.

Browser extensions:

RivalScan boasts its free and extremely popular browser extension, which has more users as compared to other competitors. This is because a larger user base leads to the discovery of more websites and a wider platform to check website traffic. Also, a dedicated user base provides crucial reviews and feedback that helps better the product.

Another great thing about RivalScan’s browser extension is that it can operate on local networks and even offline.


Though RivalScan operates on some of the most advanced technologies to provide the best services to its users, it designs its products and features in such a way to make it accessible to anyone. The browser extension remains free, and anyone can use it without setting up an account. Also, you don’t have to pay any expensive fees to use RivalScan’s products, including the APIs.

AI for Technology Detection:

As said earlier, RivalScan is the first of its kind to utilize an Advanced Machine Learning for detecting technologies. No other competitors make use of this system. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with an Advanced Machine Learning system:

Advanced Analytics – Businesses are becoming more customer-centric. And a system like Advanced Machine Learning helps you get more detailed insights about the behavior pattern and journey of prospects. Hence, you’re able to craft service or product in such a way that it attracts their interests.

Increased technology detection rate – RivalScan has a better technology detection rate than other companies because of the adoption of Advanced Machine Learning. It currently detects more than 2000 web applications, which are only increasing daily.

Accurate Technology Monitoring – The Advanced Machine Learning system increases data accuracy. RivalScan can automate the addition and removal of technologies faster than other competitors. Also, you can opt for receiving emails and get notified whenever technology changes.

One Primary Focus:

RivalScan focuses on one major aspect; to detect and monitor the technologies of websites. And it does this job extremely well. Additionally, it provides advanced features and tools to reveal accurate and quick technographics data.

RivalScan is an independent provider for several years now and has built a reputation for being one of the best and most accurate website technology profilers. Along with unmatched and advanced features, the company also focuses on providing superior customer support service. You have the option to either live chat or email the company to get started on your technographics journey today!

Disclaimer: RivalScan is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with BuiltWith™, Wappalyzer or any other brand. All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Limitation of warranties: The information on this website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. RivalScan (a.k.a. LineLogic, Inc.) makes no representations or warranties in relation to the information above.


Find Out What Platform or CMS a website is using

One of the most common questions among online marketers, developers, SEO specialists, or security researchers has got to be – ‘What CMS is this website using?’ If this sounds familiar to you, you’re most probably wondering how to know what platform a website is using!

So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into the article and learn the different ways to check the CMS or technology of a website!

Before anything else,


What is CMS?

In a nutshell, Content Management System (CMS) is a software that a company uses to build, modify, and manage its website and content. It contains two separate branches – CMA or Content Management Application and CDA or Content Delivery Application. The former helps you create and manage content on your website, while the latter acts as a back-end interface, where you can store and upload the content to your website.

When you detect the CMS of a particular website, you can start performing vulnerability scanning. For instance, if your competitor uses a WordPress website, you can try to exploit well-known WordPress security vulnerabilities.

Some of the most popular CMS include Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Now, let’s take a look at the two broad ways to find out what Platform or CMS a website is using:


The Quick Way:

If you want to instantly identify technology on websites or what eCommerce platform and CMS a website is using, you can install the RivalScan browser extension. Our browser extension will easily help you check sites that you visit and let you know the website’s technologies.

Or, you can also make use of our online technology lookup feature if you don’t want the hassles of installing an extension. If you’re into some sort of market research for any kind of software product, the online technology lookup tool can be a great way to identify prospects.

You can expect the search results to be instant and find more detailed information along with the list of identified technologies.


The Hard Method:

RivalScan can identify CMS or technologies by some other complex ways like inspecting HTTP headers, websites’ source code, JavaScript variables, cookies, and many more. This method is not as straight-forward and easy, but you can still do it by hand. Here are a few examples:


How to find out if a website is using Shopify:

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce solutions meant for setting up online stores. Several websites make use of this popular platform today. You can easily identify a website using Shopify by checking its subdomain “” However, note that more professional websites often use a custom domain.

The most reliable way of finding out if a website is using the Shopify platform is to check whether the page has the global “Shopify” JavaScript variable. To do this, you can follow the following steps:

Open the developer tools (Shift + CTRL + I on Windows/Linux or, + ⌘ + I on macOS)

Type “Shopify” in the space provided, followed by return.

If the website uses Shopify, it will reveal a JavaScript object in the output.

If Shopify is not in use, an error will pop up saying ‘Shopify is not defined.’


How to find out if a website is using WordPress:

WordPress is another popular CMS used by thousands of businesses. It is quite easy to identify a website using WordPress through its source code. In general, a CMS usually puts a meta tag with the name and version of the CMS used.

To check this, you can right-click on the website and select ‘view page source.’ Then, simply search for the generator meta tag.

<meta name=”generator” content=”WordPress 4.9.8″ />

Several other platforms use this tag as well. Hence, looking for this tag can be a good starting point to find out the CMS used by a website.


How to find what CDN or web server a website is using:

To find out what CDN a website is using, you start off by inspecting its HTTP headers. To view the headers of a web page, simply open the developer tools and select the ‘Network’ option.

Then, refresh the page to view all the network requests. If you only want to find out what CDN or web service the website is using, you might want to stick to the top requests and not the entire list.

You can click the first request option, which will then reveal a section of response headers. In this list, you’ll see a header under the title ‘server’ along with the name of the used CDN or web server.


How RivalScan Detects What a Website is Built With?

Currently, RivalScan can detect more than 2,500 different technologies, which is only increasing by the day. We also provide Full Website Stack Information, custom scans, easy API integration, and lots more. And the cherry on top is you get to enjoy all these benefits at a much lower price than other companies. We are able to achieve reasonable pricing with our unique Credit Based System.

The best thing about RivalScan is that we use Advanced Machine Learning/ AI for detecting technologies. We are the first companies in the field of technographics to incorporate Machine Learning. Thus, we can achieve a better technology detection rate than other similar companies in the market.

With our advanced Machine Learning/ AI System, we are able to automate and monitor the addition of new technologies in all kinds of websites and businesses.


In Conclusion:

You’ll find several ways and tools to find out what framework or CMS is used by a particular website. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, easy, and advanced technology checker, RivalScan is the go-to!

You can use our RivalScan APIs for easy integration and adding technology lookups into your own websites and projects. Or, you can even use the RivalScan lead lists to create a list of all the websites using a certain framework or technology.