Development Technologies

Browse our list of Development Technologies that we currently detect. Generate better leads by taking advantage of big data powered by artificial intelligence. Target your competitor’s customers by generating a list of companies using competing  technology.
RivalScan has been a key element in our startups growth. Their data has far exceeded expectations and contributed to over half of our current clients. / John Smith  

Intelligent Development Technology Detection.

Our advanced Artificial Intelligence engine runs 24/7 constantly scanning new websites and detecting new development technologies. As websites change we also change our data, allowing you to target a company that recently removed a competitors technology. Technology driven lead generation is at the core of our application. We do our best to ensure the most accurate information, while also maintaining a large data set of Millions of websites. We also allow you to monitor development technology trends to easily determine an applications market share. You can then generate a report showing websites that use that information for advanced lead targeting. Browse Technologies

Determine the Market Share of Development Technologies.

We track market shares on many different technologies in various categories. This gives you great insight on competitors, industry leaders, and much more. Not only are you able to monitor market shares but you’re also able to drill down into our data to access specific companies using that development technology. Wondering what market share your application has in your niche? We also offer custom scanning solutions, using our advanced technology, previously collected data, and a fingerprint for your technology we are able to scan millions of websites to efficiently and effectively calculate your market share. Don’t be left in the dark – In this day in age sales and marketing gets increasingly more difficult every day, ensure your business has the proper tools and technology to stay ahead of the curve, and your Rivals. Schedule a Consultation

Did We Miss Anything?

Although our platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence that is constantly building new  fingerprints of development technologies so we’re able to track them, we sometimes don’t yet have the specific technology you’re looking for. If that’s the case, please contact us right away with as much information you have about the technology so we’re able to build a specific fingerprint and profile for our platform to start tracking. Providing our customers with the most accurate information, while still maintaining a large data set is our biggest goal at RivalScan, we aim to track all technologies small and large, while also increasing our data points. If you have a suggestion for specific data to be collected outside of development technologies please let us know, we strive to make our platform better every day. Request a Technology Suggest a Feature



Our platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is constantly learning and adding new development technologies. You can also submit a request for manual review with this link: