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Five Quick Tips to Improve Your Small-Business Marketing

Small-business owners are perpetually faced with a daunting challenge: getting the most from the least. Facing a lack of personnel, money, or time, small businesses are always looking for cost-effective ways of spreading the word about their goods or services.
Here are five quick-hit, low-cost ideas to get the word out about your business:

• E-mail marketing. On the surface, it seems like this is beyond the capability of most small-business owners, but a little bit of research will show otherwise. E-mail marketing services like MailChimp and Constant Contact offer free accounts that help you reach your customer base with news, special offers, or reminders. The services are free, and offer a great deal of help getting started.

• Hit the streets. Sometimes the best marketing involves taking your message directly to the audience in a way they don’t expect. One example is in Texas, at an Austin barbershop located in a strip mall at a busy intersection. Normally, they get lost in the background of other businesses in the strip mall. So they decided to print special cards (which is easy to do using Microsoft Word and a computer printer) good for 20% off on Tuesdays, which is their slowest day of the week. During rush hour, the stylists took their message to the streets. With one standing on each street corner, they handed the cards out to motorists who were stopped at the light.

• Take advantage of texting. Imagine being able to send a text message to one of your best customers, either reminding them about your service or giving them a special offer. Now imagine being able to text all of your customers at the same time. Do an online search for companies who specialize in text-message marketing, rather than e-mails, to everyone in your customer database. One novel approach is to send a coupon via text; all the customer has to do is show the text message to gain the discount.

• Forge partnerships. Find local businesses or organizations whose goals are a good match to your own. For example, a hair salon could partner with a local women’s shelter to help residents there with free haircuts. Eventually, the residents will be back on their feet and out in the world, and they’ll remember who gave them a hand along the way. And remember: Word of mouth is the best advertising.

• Guerrilla marketing. Small companies can make a maximum impact with minimum resources by staging special events, or spur-of-the-moment marketing opportunities. One example comes from a hair salon in Minneapolis that offered a discount in the early days of the recession for anyone who had lost money in their 401(k) retirement accounts. All they had to do was document the loss, and the salon provided a one-time percentage discount equal to the amount the 401(k) had lost. The event gained so much attention, it became an item on the CBS Evening News.

Remember: Sometimes, the biggest constraint for small business marketing isn’t necessarily a lack of money. It’s a lack of imagination.


Modern Web Technologies

Modern web technologies

Web technology is the backbone of all internet-based communications. It has various features and tools that you can use to relay your messages through the use of the internet. However, with the fast-growing trends and technological advancement, it keeps getting upgraded rapidly. So it would be best if you had insights on the current trends and how the development technologies keeps changing and shapes the online networking and marketing domain.

In order to understand the ever-growing trends of modern web technologies, it is best to look at some of the latest development technologies. Here are some of them that you should have a look at.

Evolved UI design

User interface (UI) is a crucial aspect of all kinds of modern technology. It is one of the first things people notice and can make the difference between choosing that site and ditching it. And one of the most crucial elements of any online networking or marketing is the customers’ or clients’ experience and satisfaction. That is why building a site with an appealing UI is crucial because that decides the user experience.

So what are some of the new features that modern web technologies use? You will find that a lot of them use innovative pennants or headers, outlines that are vivid and attractive, simplified pages, etc. It has an enormous impact on the web page and draws a lot of clients.

The use of AI

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most advanced modern development technologies. It is capable of handling vast amounts of data, which otherwise is an impossible task for a human. The calculations are precise, and the rate of work is much faster than other technologies. And the integration of AI into all kinds of applications or websites is only growing because it has massive potential for covering a wide area of a network encompassing different fields. You can find its use in various fields like medicine, astrophysics, engineering, etc. And for online networking or marketing, most sites use an automated AI, which generates leads in no time by scanning millions of web pages or social media platforms.


Chatbots are a crucial aspect of any website because even when you are not online, it can handle client’s queries offer customer services efficiently. And you will find that most sites today make use of it extensively. It is an excellent tool for running your website 24/7, which functions automatically whenever there is some activity on your site.


Blockchain is one of the latest modern web technologies. It is a concept where data gets stored on different servers where you can see all the real-time entries by various sources. And the best thing about Blockchain is nobody can control it. So everyone can contribute as well as extract information from the database. And for any online business, this is a great technology because it enables transparency in all transactions. After all, it is a peer-to-peer system.

Dynamic web applications

Dynamic web application is another modern technology that enables you to understand your clients better directly through the websites. It is controlled by a server that processes all the scripts and can gather relevant information for you to target clients.

Message pop-ups

Many websites use message pop-ups, which is a great way to enhance your site when dealing with new customers or users. You can engage them instantly when they visit the page, and it is a powerful tool for websites. It enables you to create automated messages that you want to convey in the form of pop-ups. And even before the client browses your site to get information, you can direct them for quicker access by making use of the pop-up messages.

Web server software

Web server software is a great application. It is essentially a computer that manages all the web pages and stores relevant information so that it can deliver it to you. So it is a great tool to offer help for client’s requests on different queries about a particular web page. And this is an excellent tool for many users because of the magnitude of web pages on the internet. It simplifies the searches so that you can get to the page without wasting time.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are two of the emerging modern technologies that find their use in a wide range of applications. And web pages are one of them. It offers a new dynamic in customer care and dealing with clients. It enables you to engage them with virtual worlds and augmented reality, which is assisted by AI. So it helps you enhance the client’s experience and potentially increase the growth of your business site.

Why are the new web technologies better than older technologies?

The increasing usage and dependence on the internet have created the need for advancements in web technologies to satisfy user preferences. And most importantly, the competition keeps getting more challenging in the networking and marketing world. And most of the older web technologies cannot keep up with the increasing number of competitors.

Today, many of these modern web technologies are the driving force of all websites, applications, and social media platforms. And the reason for the constant upgrades is to satisfy the needs of customers and clients. Most people do not like complicated sites and spending hours browsing through information or contents. And the modern web technologies and tools help meet their requirements in less time so that they can keep up with the stiff competition. People look for fast, easy to use, and accessible applications or sites. And by making use of modern web tools, you can maximize your engagement with the clients as well.

Therefore, make use of these modern tools to enhance your web pages so that you can keep up with the emerging trends in the online business and networking world.





Best Backend Technology For Websites

Best backend technology for websites

Backend technology is a general term for how a website works, like the updates, settings, the type of technology used to power the site, etc. It comprises of all the things like coding, the functionality and the kind of language used, and the logic that powers the website. And these development technologies ensure that the site functions smoothly. So all these are things that function behind the scenes and keep the page running.

Backend developers handle backend technologies. They take care of all the technical aspects of a website and ensure that they run smoothly n the internet. And it includes things like the API, core logic, databases, application integration, etc.

What are the most common backend web technologies?

There are a few backend technologies that are commonly used by developers. The first is WordPress, which is the most common one. And over 38% of developers make use of it, and it is an open-source system. HTML is another commonly used markup language for developing web pages. You can find its extensive use on web page links. PHP is another common open-source computer language that is generally integrated into HTML while creating texts.

There are quite a few backend web technologies apart from those. And over the years, new technologies have come up which are extensively used by developers. So here are some of the best current backend technologies for websites that you can use.


Django is a popular backend technology for websites. It is a Python web framework that has a rapid development function with a clean design. Django’s primary goal is to make complex data simpler for websites, and the platform is open source. If you are looking to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), Django is the best because you get all the necessary tools for it. And you can also build it further by using the additional features provided by it.

In terms of security in development technologies, Django is one of the best. It keeps all the frameworks and your projects safe and secure. And t also enables you to connect with third-party sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. And with all the required features available, it makes sure that your project development reaches the next level. Additionally, the open-source feature allows you to add more features because of useful inputs from a big community of Django users.


If you are looking to find the easiest way to write web applications, Pyramid is one of the best development technologies. It has power-packed features available at your disposal, which helps you write complex software in less time. It has in-built bootstrapping tools and a rich pool of resources. You can either use it to develop small apps or top-tier websites. You find its use on some known applications and web pages like Reddit, Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, etc.


Express.js is a JavaScript-based API application for Node.js. And it is used for both server-side or mobile applications. And because it has an open-source community, you can find useful inputs that can improve the application. The use of both Express.js and Node.js also makes it a very useful backend technology. You can use it for developing hybrid mobile apps, single or multi-page sites, web-based applications, etc. You can find its use in some of the typical applications, like Paypal, Linkedin, Uber, etc.


If you want something minimalistic, Flask is one of the best backend technologies you can find. The framework is Python, and the core of the application is simple and straightforward. However, it also offers you a wide range of useful extensions that you can integrate into your project. Most people consider that Flask is more Pythonic than Django because of its explicit nature. This technology finds its use in some well-known applications like Google, Blender 3D, Bitly, etc.

Ruby on Rails

One of the easiest and simplest backend technologies is Ruby on Rails. You can build applications with ease and because the Rails framework is simple to use. So it is perfect for all your small start-ups. It is very user-friendly and growing in its popularity daily.

Ruby on Rails has a core based on the Model-View-Controller (MVP). And this makes it possible to handle complex applications with ease by extending new features and logic. The primary goal of Ruby on Rails is to minimize the time spent on developing applications and provide quality results by integrating new solutions. And the new features and inputs keep getting updated and reviewed because of a big community of Ruby users. So any queries, doubts, or questions that you have are answered in no time. And probably most questions that you have are already answered on the community forum.


Phoenix is another excellent backend web technology that is fast and yields excellent results. The technology runs on Elixir programming language along with the Erlang Virtual Machine. So it is a powerful technology that powers some of the massively scalable systems in the world. It can handle and manage heavy incoming loads and provides you with a smooth experience and fast results.


The most common language in a network is PHP because it is a dynamic language capable of integrating massive databases. Ad among the different PH frameworks, Laravel is one of them. It is a Model View Controller PHP framework that is fast, efficient, and productive. The framework uses a simple syntax with additional features like simple tools for database migration and schema building. It also has a secure authentication system and offers many more features.

If you want a backend web technology that is easy to use, Laravel is an excellent option because it has clean documentation that is well organized and easy to understand. And the MVC framework supports it by bringing in new built-in functions for better developments. It offers a secure API build and also enables you to build hybrid applications.

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RivalScans Data Analytics Tools

RivalScan’s data analytics tools

In the modern world of online B2B companies and networking, data is the most crucial element. It dictates a company in terms of its sales and growth. Data is critical because it helps you understand the customers and their preferences. And these are crucial information you need so that you can run successful campaigns and make relevant changes so that it helps your business. That is where company analytics comes in with data analytics tools.

What is data analytics?

Data analytics involves the examination of different types of data collected from various sources and drawing conclusions from the information on the data. So it means a process of evaluating data sets and analyzing all the information. The data can contain information like the location, name, address, details of a company’s website, the social media interactions, gender, likes, and dislikes of social media users, etc. It covers a wide range of information.

How does data help your business?

For any online business, data is essential because;

  • It helps you find your customers.
  • It helps you improve your customer services by understanding their preferences.
  • It helps retain your previous customers.
  • It also helps you track all the social media interactions.
  • It gives you directions on sales trends and predictions.


RivalScan is one of the best lead generation companies in the world. The company analytics produces excellent lead results with accuracy based on your searches. It also offers some excellent tools for you. One of the best features of the company is the AI powdered technology. RivalScan is the only company that uses AI technology for lead generation. And it is also aided by an advanced machine learning system with the potential for scanning millions of web pages in less time.

So what are the data analytics tools you can use on RivalScan? Here are some of them.

Huge database

The first thing you need for any type of data analytics is the data itself. And the type of data depends on what you are looking for. RivalScan has one of the biggest databases for extracting all the relevant information you need. It has data collected from millions of web pages and social media platforms, which are managed by advanced cloud hosting. And you don’t have to visit multiple sites by yourself because the AI technology takes care of it. So it is an excellent one-stop-solution.

RivalScan also has a full website stack of information, including detection of over 2500 different technologies growing daily. It has advanced integration with Zapier for connection with over 2000 applications, allowing you to import data to any application easily.

Manage search and scan

Once you decide on the type of data you want, you can customize your searches on RivalScan, and the AI will scan everything for you. It will extract all the information you need and also give you inputs on the current trends.

RivalScan also provides you with advanced search filters, which you can use to maximize your search results. So it filters out most of the unnecessary data for you, and it saves you time. It finds you the best leads and the relevant data which you can use to grow your business.

The advanced AI technology for data analytics

The best data analytics tool is AI technology. AI is at the forefront of all technological advancements. And it functions automatically on RivalScan, so most of your work is outsourced by this technology. The use of an advanced machine learning system ensures that every detail of the data gets examined accurately based on your searches. So all your work apart from typing the keywords on the search option is done by the AI.

Why use data analytics of RivalScan?

With all the excellent tools that RivalScan provides, it is the best option for you. Data analytics is crucial for your B2B company because that is how you find your potential customers. And the data which the AI examines tells you where you can find your customers and which sites to target. It determines the growth of your business. So by making the decision to use RivalScan, it can help you to;

RivalScan helps you make better business decisions based on data analysis. And this is possible because the AI generates accurate conclusions after examining all the data. It tells you which leads are the best and things like which site or social media platform you should target etc. And because it also analyses the market trends, it makes accurate predictions for you. So that way, you don’t leave anything for a chance based on guesswork. In short, it gives you a broader perspective of things for your business growth.

Having the right leads, the right information, and making the correct decisions also increase your marketing potential. So every campaign you make or any connections you make with other people yields better results. And all this is because of what RivalScan can do for you. All the information you derive from the AI analytics also help you understand your customers better. So it also enables you to improve your customer services and build a stronger bond. And this is crucial because, without customers, your business cannot grow.

All these features and tools offered by RivalScan are some of the best you can find compared to other lead generation companies. It helps you get valuable insights quicker, which allows you to plan your targets easily. And you don’t have to spend huge sums of money on all the tools offered by it. RIvalScan has one of the lowest pricing for all the tools you can use. And it provides you with a credit-based system that eases your budgetary constraints. However, despite the low pricing, the results are excellent.

So try RivalScan’s data analytic tools and boost your business growth by making the right decisions and targeting the suitable sites.



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